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Sushi Kai is known for their business model of offering cheap discounts using voucher deal sites in the GTA. They have sold thousands of vouchers as I have seen their deals posted every single month on various sites. I bought myself a voucher from Dealfind ($17 for $45 worth of food) back in late 2011 and completely forgot to use it as I am rarely in the area of Eglinton. I realized that my voucher was expiring in a couple of weeks so I decided to venture out to Sushi Kai for dinner with my boyfriend.

I arrived at the establishment with him at 8:00 pm (we made a reservation a couple of days ahead as  stated on the voucher). Both of us were ignored by the waitress who walk by; even though we made eye contact with one another. After 15 minutes of waiting, she finally came up to us and asked us to wait for another 5 minutes as she needed to clear the table. It was a little frustrating as there were 4-5 other (unoccupied) tables.

The green salad and miso soup came with the combo that I ordered. The salad dressing was pretty decent, but the miso soup was a little salty. 

I ordered combo #6 ($14.99) which gave me a choice of two types of teriyaki meats, so I chose chicken and beef.  It also came with steamed rice, shrimp tempura, salmon roll (3 pcs), cucumber roll (3pcs), and 2 pieces of melons.

The chicken and beef teriyaki were decently edible. However, I found the sushi and tempura to be mediocre. There was just way too much batter on the tempura pieces. Additionally, I thought that the fish used for the rolls were a little warm but it had an okay fish-to-rice ratio.

Our waitress forgot to bring out my (salmon) sushi pizza ($8.99), and it was left sitting in the back of the kitchen. It was finally brought to the table when I was almost done my meal. No surprise here but the fried patty was really cold, and the salmon was mushy. I didn't bother asking for a new one though, cause I had to go, and the entire dinner was pretty cost effective.

Below is the sushi bento box ($9.00).


Quality of Food: 2.7/5
Service: 2.7/5
Overall Dining Experience: 2.7/5
Price: $$

Address: 168 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto, ON, M4P2K5

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