Toji Sushi

Toji Sushi is a small family-run Japanese restaurant located in the west end of Toronto. The restaurant was clean, and decorated with lanterns, and wooden-panels seating. Toji Sushi has several lunch bento specials which are served from 11:00 am until 3 pm. I opted for the #34 BBQ Galbi bento box ($9.95). 

The bento box (#34) that I ordered came with three pieces of California rolls, steamed rice, four pieces of agedashi tofu, four pieces of galbi, and green salad.

Overall, I enjoyed my bento box. For those who are not familiar with galbi (Korean cuisine); it is marinated beef ribs with special sauce. The pieces of galbi were well-marinated and very sweet. I also liked the tangy salad dressing. The pieces of agedashi tofu ($4.50 for a full dish) were also delicious as they were soft, and the sauce was really good. Additionally, I normally don't like California rolls but the ones here were actually made well.

The toro (tuna belly) ($6.50) was neatly presented on its plate. The two pieces of sashimi were both fresh, smooth, and not overly thick slices, which made it enjoyable to eat. 

The sushi chef was friendly, and had a good sense of discipline. My overall impression of Toji Sushi was that the food was really good, and the service was friendly and relatively quick.


Quality of Food: 4.4/5
Service: 4.4/5
Dining Experience: 4.4/5
Price: $ (lunch)

Address: 5088 Dundas St W, Etobicoke, ON M9A 1B9

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