Electric Mud BBQ

I finally got to try out Electric Mud BBQ; a popular Southern-inspired barbecue establishment in Parkdale. I heard that it can get quite busy around dinner time so my companion and I decided to have an extremely late dinner.

We arrived at Electric Mud BBQ a little past midnight. The kitchen actually closes around 1:00 am so we still had time to eat and there was no wait. Also note that this restaurant is run by the same people as Grand Electric.

The displayed menu at Electric Mud BBQ is fairly simple and straightforward as it is divided into different sections; BBQ, sandwiches, sides and desserts. A great about having a small menu is that restaurants are able to perfect the small selection of food that they do offer.

As this was my first time at Electric Mud BBQ, I don't know how the service is when it's fully packed. I can only base it on my personal experience that night (which was after the busy dinner hours). I thought that the service that we received during our dinner was really good. Not only was our server friendly and efficient; he also took the time to answer questions about the menu and popular dishes.

We started off with the crack rolls ($3.75). The basket arrived with four rolls, and they were warm, golden, and fluffy. The whipped butter spread that accompanied the rolls was absolutely divine as the butter was made from the fat dripping in the smoker.

Another side that we got was the coleslaw ($3.50). I am not a huge of coleslaw in general, but I really liked the one from Electric Mud BBQ. The reason why was that the dish wasn't completely drenched in mayonnaise and it had a nice tangy taste to it. 

The fried chicken ($9.50) was absolutely delicious and I'd return just for it. The outside was lightly seasoned and its skin was ultra crispy. I really liked that the inside of the chicken was moist and juicy with a lot of flavor. Additionally, the dish was served with a side of honey sauce and Tabasco hot sauce. In my opinion, the two sauces definitely helped to accentuates the flavor of the chicken pieces.

The beef rib ($15.00) wasn't really my favorite of the night, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. The dish consists of one piece of mid-sized beef rib and topped with green onions. The rib itself was tender and the smoky flavor was infused into the meat.

 We were informed around 1:00 am that the kitchen was closing soon. So we decided to end the night off with ribs ($14.50). The dish came with four pieces of delectable bones of meat, and topped off with peanuts and green onions. The flavor of the ribs was well balanced as it wasn't overly sweet, or too smoky tasting. Additionally, I liked the overall presentation of the dish as it looked both tasty and aesthetically pleasing.


Quality of Food: 4.4/5
Service: 4.4/5
Overall Dining Experience: 4.4/5
Price: $$ || Online Menu

Address: 5 Brock Avenue, Toronto, ON, M6K 1L4

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