[Site Updates] New Layout

For those who are new to the blog (helloooooooo), my previous layout was this [pictured below]. I got some feedback from friends and they liked the last design but found it to be too text-based.

So I have decided to revert back to the two-frames layout for easier navigation around the blog. The coloring is a lot more easier on the eyes now and the text is a lot darker. Thanks for reading and I hope that you'll enjoy your stay =)

[Minions Are Too Cute]

I wanted to watch Despicable Me 2 on opening night but the showing time that I wanted was sold out. So I saw it on Thursday night instead. If you liked the first movie then I don't think you will be disappointed with its sequel. The minions has a much larger role in Despicable Me 2 and they are just really cute and funny. 

Don't forget that all McDonald's in Canada are offering minions toys with their Happy Meal. If you don't want the meal, that's okay too. Cause you can buy the toy individually for $2.00 + tax.