Sake Sushi

What I love about downtown is the plethora of sushi restaurants. There aren't that many sushi establishments in my area when I'm back uptown with my family. I was craving for some sushi one night and decided to order delivery. Based on Google maps; one of the nearest sushi restaurants in the area was Sake Sushi. There weren't that many reviews online but most were positive so I went ahead and ordered with them. Sake Sushi also offers an AYCE option for $13.99 (lunch) and $20.99 (dinner); it's $1-2 more on the weekends/holidays. 

Based on past experiences; ordering a la carte from AYCE can be a hit or a miss. Most of the time, the quality isn't very high compared to non-AYCE establishments but the price ranges are similar. 

The salmon pizza (sushi pizza) ($6.95) tasted a lot better than it looked. The crispy patty wasn't overly fried and it was topped with the right amount of roe. Although, the salmon was sliced extremely thin. 

I opted for the beef short ribs (bento box) ($11.75) which came with ribs, stir-fried vegetables, two fried dumplings, steamed rice, green salad and miso soup. The ribs were marinated well and the flavor of the veggies was good. Unfortunately, it only came with four thin slices of ribs but at least there was a helping hand of greens. Surprisingly, the bento boxes also came with five nigiri (shrimp and salmon) and spicy salmon roll; they were not listed on the menu. 

The chicken teriyaki (bento box) ($10.75) came with chicken, steamed rice, two beef dumplings, green salad and miso soup.

The shrimp tempura roll (6 pieces) ($5.95) was a good choice. The batter that they used to coat the shrimp was light and crispy. 

They offer free delivery over $30 (before tax). This was easily achieved for two people. Overall, the quality of the food was good but they really do skimp out by cutting up their meat and fish so thinly.  With that being said, I am still interested in trying out their AYCE when I'm up in the area one day. Their dinner menu seems extensive and their price is on par with other AYCE uptown.

Address: 5875 Hwy 7 W Vaughan, ON

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