The Big Fat Greek Buffet

The Big Fat Greek Buffet touts itself as being "one of the first authentic Greek buffet restaurants to open in the GTA". I was here a couple of weeks ago for lunch with my family, as they haven't had Greek in a while. The price for the weekend lunch was a little steep at $15.95; given its limited selection. However, to play Devil's Advocate, the price isn't too bad as you get to taste a bit of everything. Considering the fact that most Greek platters are on average between $9 to $15 each of Greek restaurants.

The buffet stations are placed in the middle of the restaurant, and the dining area is up a few steps from it. I thought that their salad station had a good selection of mixed greens along with various toppings and salad dressings. For those who don't like salad, there were also macaroni, potato and a small seafood medley. For the mains, there wasn't as much meat as I'd have hope for lunch, but it was a decent selection. At least they had both chicken souvlaki and pork souvlaki covered, and also stewed chicken and stewed beef. The Big Fat Greek Buffet also offers some Greek dishes such as moussaka, pastitsio, beeftekia, loukanika. This is a buffet after all so you can't expect amazing quality, but for what it is; I thought that the food was good for what you get.

 All of the food items are made fresh in-house daily, and the souvlaki sticks were grilled throughout the day. You are allowed to take two stick at a time, but unfortunately there weren't that many on the hot plate to begin with. The Big Fat Greek Buffet is open daily for both lunch and dinner, and their prices are as followed:

Monday to Friday lunch ($13.95)
Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays lunch  ($15.95)
Dinner ($19.95 everyday)

Address: 5165 Dixie Road  Mississauga, ON L4W 4G1

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