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Dolce Gelato is a gelato shop with three locations in the GTA area. They offer a wide variety of gelato flavors served on your choice of either plain cone, sugar cone, waffle cone, or cup. Additionally, they don't only have gelato, as they also have several desserts available such as cakes, cupcakes, waffles, etc ...  J and I went out to eat dinner with his cousin, Jannie, at Grand Electric, last weekend. We decided to find a place for dessert, when Jannie recommended Dolce Gelato. The establishment was small with only a few tables, but it was bright and clean. Dolce Gelato has a "pay first" system, so you'd pay the cashier first, and then go to the encased glass to get your ordered gelato (don't forget the receipt).

I am starting to really love pistachio, so I was happy to see it as an option for the gelato. I ended up getting the medium 2 flavors cup ($5.50) - pistaccio sicilia and espresso. The girl behind the glass case was kind enough to offer me a taste test of their candied pistaccio (very bright green in color) as well. I thought that the candied version was decent as it was ultra sweet, but I liked the one that I got more. The pistaccio sicilia gelato was rich, creamy and full of flavor. The espresso had a good coffee flavor to it, but it didn't really go well with the pistachio sicilia when eating it at the same time. 

As for customer service, I thought that it was excellent. There were two ladies behind the counter (one on cash, and the other scooping the gelato). They were both friendly, courteous, and offered quick service. I will definitely be coming back here since it's so close by, and the warm weather is finally here.

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J got the hot Belgian waffle with 1 scoop of mango gelato, and topped off with strawberries (~$7).

pistaccio sicilia and espresso
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