** This review will be a super short one, as it was for a take-out order **

Wingburger is an establishment offering wings and burgers in the East York neighborhood. They opened up mid February 2015, and I found out about the place through my brother. During the third week of opening, I decided to check it, and ordered some food to go. Unfortunately, I was left unimpressed with both the burger, and the fries. I didn't think that the single burger (1/4) was worth the $5.99 price tag, as it was so small, and looked rather plain. In my opinion, I think the Big Mac from McDonald's looks so much more appealing than the burger I got.

The hand-cut fries ($3.49) are made fresh daily, but it didn't really taste like it that night.


I also got an order of 1 lbs of jumbo chicken wings ($11.49), which I did enjoyed. The flavor that I got was honey garlic, which is one of my favorite flavors for wings. The fresh (never frozen) wings came with veggie sticks and ranch dip. The wings were indeed jumbo size, and it was quite tasty.

It has been a few months since I last ate their food, so they may have improved since then. I did order the food when they were first opened, so perhaps there were kinks. One of my main concerns back in February was that it was not worth the $25 that I paid back then. However, it has come to my attention that they have lowered some of their prices due to "competitive pricing from their supplier". I am hardly ever in the area of where Wingburger is located, but if I were to go back, I'd get more wings.

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