Masamune Japanese Restaurant

 I don't find the cuisine in Mississauga to be all that great, as there are way too many chains and AYCE. This is my SO's go-to lunch place since he works up in Mississauga, and he recently introduced it to me. Masamune Japanese Restaurant is a small restaurant hidden away in a nondescript industrial plaza. Just a note that the place is a little harder to find if you're not actively seeking it out. The prices are slightly pricier compared to the average Japanese/Korean restaurants in the area, but the service and quality of the food was good.

We were quickly served a delicious array of bachan (side dishes) that is rather standard with Korean meals. 

 I also got an order of salmon maki roll ($5.95)  


They have an extensive menu offering both Japanese and Korean dishes. One of my favorite dishes from here is their soon du bu - soft tofu stew with vegetables and seafood in a spicy broth served with rice ($11.95). The dish arrived steaming hot in a stone pot, and they were generous with the portion of vegetables and seafood.

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