Nadège Patisserie

Nadège Patisserie is a pastry shop located right inside of the Richmond Adelaide Centre; accessible through the PATH. Inside of this shopping haven sits the small Nadège Patisserie boutique. This location shares the same sleek interior design as all of their other branches. The one main difference from this location to the one near Trinity-Bellwoods is that they catered more to the working professionals here. Many don't have the luxury to have a lunch for more than an hour, so most of the pre-packaged foods are made for takeaways. It's also a boutique, so there are no tables, or chairs. However, there are tons of seating in the PATH.

They offer the same flavors of macarons as all of their other locations. Like always, I opted for a box of 12 macarons ($28.25), and got one of each flavor that day. Taxes are inclusive, if you purchase 8+ macarons. The flavours that I got (top to bottom - each row) are mojito, matcha green tea, pistachio, salted caramel, cherry chocolate, cappuccino, chocolate, vanilla, cassis, blackberry chocolate, cotton candy, and rose.

The macarons from Nadège Patisserie made it safely home without cracking due to the plastic covering. I highly commended this box than the longer one, as there are no protective plastic in that one, which increases the risk of cracking. Back to the macarons, the shells remained intact, and were smooth with no cracks. Lastly, the overall flavor of the macarons were well-balanced, and they had a slight chew to them, which I enjoyed. Overall, I found that Nadège Patisserie offers more classic flavors compared to their competitors like Butter Avenue and Delysèes.

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