Ichiban Sushi

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St. Lawrence Market @ Ichiban Sushi (58 Wellington St E, Toronto, ON)

Ichiban Sushi is a sushi chain that first opened up in 1983 on Bloor Street in Toronto. Today, they have over 31 locations throughout Toronto. The location that I went to was located on the quiet strip of Wellington St E. It's not the most frequent area after work hours, so it was slightly quiet when I went on a Saturday.

Looking through the menu, I realized that the bento boxes here were relatively higher priced compared to other sushi establishments. However, I opted for their sushi pizza ($9.95) - salmon, which was under $10. The sushi pizza is basically crispy sushi rice base-top with salmon, green onion, white onion, tobiko with sesame seed and special sauce. The sushi is cut into six pieces, and its crispy rice patty is topped with slices of salmon. What I liked most about the one from Ichiban Sushi is that it was full of toppings, and the chef took the time to make it aesthetically pleasing. The sushi pizza was pretty good in size, and made a great quick lunch for me.

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