Real Brewed Moments with Pure Leaf Iced Tea

My day-to-day life is pretty busy with work, running the business, and attending food events. Sometimes, I don't have a lot of time to myself to really enjoy the everyday moments. Earlier this past Friday, I had some time to myself, as my fiancé made dinner plans with his friends. As for me, I made myself comfortable in the backyard with a good cookbook to read, and kept myself hydrated with a bottle of Pure Leaf Brewed Tea Peach (flavor). It was just nice to relax!

“You celebrate real moments with Pure Leaf Iced Tea because it’s real brewed tea, made from real tea leaves.”

So what is Pure Leaf Iced Tea? Pure Leaf Iced Tea (IG @PureLeafCanada and Twitter @PureLeaf) is real brewed tea made from real tea leaves with no preservatives, no added color, and no artificial flavoring. Unlike other iced teas on the market, Pure Leaf products are not made from powder or concentrated. Rather, they're made from all-natural ingredients, and the tea leaves are picked by their tea experts then carefully brewed. 

Pure Leaf Iced Tea (IG @PureLeafCanada and Twitter @PureLeaf) are available in a variety of flavors including peach, green tea with honey, and lemon. My favorite out of the three drinks was the peach flavor. I enjoyed the natural tangy-sweet flavor of peach, and it was super refreshing in the hot weather that we're experiencing in Toronto.

I also attended the Japan Festival Mississauga 2016 last week, and stayed hydrated with Pure Leaf Green Tea with Honey. It was only fitting, considering that green tea is one of the most popular tea flavors in Japan. The two flavors paired perfectly together to create a refreshing iced tea. I wasn't the only one drinking it that afternoon, as I saw a couple of other people drinking Pure Leaf Iced Teas as well.

I also shared a couple of the Pure Leaf Iced Tea drinks with some friends at a recent BBQ that I attended. Everyone had their own favorite flavor from the three options, but we all agreed that the beverages were light and refreshing. Perfect for a summer BBQ!

Enjoy everyday moments with Pure Leaf Iced Tea beverages today :)

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Pure Leaf. I received a free sample of the product for the purpose of this review. However, all of the opinions expressed in this post are of my own.

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