Try the World Subscription Box (Italy and Michelin Holiday Boxes)

Try The World is a popular subscription box service based in the United States. Every month, subscribers are sent a box containing a curated selection of gourmet foods from a new country. Each box is chef-curated by various chefs of that said country, and the items include ingredients to cook with, drink, and snacks.

The boxes come as monthly subscriptions (boxes are cheaper the more months you pay in advance), or you can buy boxes individually. They also have an online store, where you can buy certain products that you may want to refill or try out. There are various plans for every need, and you can pause or cancel your membership anytime. There's absolutely no commitment. 

I am happy to announce that Try The World is now available in Canada for delivery. For the month of September, I got both the "Italy Box" and "Michelin Holiday Box" to try. I am a travel enthusiast, so I take great pleasure in everything-travel related, so I was excited to open my first box. First up was the "Italy Box", which was curated by Chef Laura Vitale, YouTube sensation and host of Laura in the Kitchen and Cooking Channel's Simply Laura.

** All photography taken by Grace Y. courtesy of FoodintheCityTO **

The Italy Box came with 8 food items along with a cultural guide booklet with product descriptions, along with some Italian recipes. It was quite informative, and an interesting read! I also have to note the sturdiness of the box that the products arrived in, which I will definitely re-use it. Overall, the box truly offered a taste of Italy, as it contained a wide range of Italian pantry staples.  

Italy Box:

Classic Amaretti by Marabissi - In 1948, the Marabissi family opened their first bakery in Siena. Still today, they use flour ground from Pugliesi almonds grown in southern Italy instead of the more common (and cost effective) ground apricot kernel. Extra crushed almonds stirred into the batter give these cookies a delicious texture.

La Pasta Di Aldo Egg Pasta - Named “the finest pasta in Italy,” this pappardelle is made with just egg and flour. The owners roll the dough and hang the noodles by hand, so they retain their flavor and chewy texture. Unlike machine-made pasta, this pappardelle also has a porous surface, so the noodles hold onto sauces well. Pappardelle is best paired with cream or meat-based sauces, though it’s delicious with pesto as well.

Sabatino Tartufi Truffle Zest - Major chefs flock to Sabatino Tartufi for the quality truffle products that this family-owned company has been making since 1911. Their truffle zest is a brand new product made with real truffles that are grown on the family grounds—unlike most truffle condiments from the grocery store. Sprinkle the truffle zest onto pasta, risotto, eggs, and more to easily upgrade a basic weeknight dish.

Margherita Hazelnut Cream - Maison della Nocciola has been growing hazelnuts certified by the Italian government in Piedmonte for five generations. This particular cream is named after the daughter of the current owners and contains 54% hazelnuts—close to 40% more than most spreads on the market. It’s incredible on toast, with berries, or directly off the spoon.

Societa Agricola Acetomodena Balsamic Vinegar - Vibrant, tart, and slightly sweet, this IGP-certified vinegar is made with lambrusco and trebbiano grapes, and then aged until thick and syrupy. It’s an excellent complement to cured meats and sharp cheeses, but also pairs well with fruit and gelato.

Giuliano Cafe Coffee - Slow Food International specifically named Giuliano Caffe's coffee as a "master of taste." It's roasted for more than twice the length of the standard industrial process, which is one of the main components that creates its trademark flavor. In addition to making an excellent cup of coffee, this ground coffee is wonderful mixed into a meat rub or added into a traditional tiramisu.

Cascina San Cassiano Pesto - This rich, cheese-laden pesto is made by Cascina San Cassiano, a small Italian company that’s dedicated to sustainability. Try it with pasta, on top of a pizza, or as a condiment in sandwiches.

Terrigena Mushroom Risotto Kit

Michelin Holiday Box

The second Try The World box that I received was the "Michelin Holiday Box". Christmas is quickly approaching, and Try The World has a great gift for those who love traveling and food. This box was a little different, as it offers gourmet products from around the world instead of one focused country, and is available online now.

The Michelin Holiday Box is curated by Chef Thomas Raquel of Le Bernardin (3 star Michelin restaurant in New York City). The bright red box contained 8 gourmet holiday-themed products from all over the world.

 Marlette Pain D’Epices Baking Mix (France) - Marlette in France is an organic baking mix company created by two sisters named Margot and Scarlette. Their pain d’epice (or “spiced Bread”) is a traditional French holiday cake that’s made with freshly milled, organic flour and a variety of baking spices.

En Luen Pineapple Cake (Taiwan) - A buttery cake filled with sweet and tangy jam, pineapple cake is a ubiquitous pastry in Taiwan. In Taiwanese, pineapple is pronounced onglai, which is similar to the phrase for ‘the arrival and prosperity and fortune.’ This hidden meaning makes it a popular gift during Lunar New Year.

Yoffi Date Spread (Israel) - A symbol of good luck, dates are a popular holiday food throughout the Mediterranean. This date spread is made with ripe fruit grown on a community farm in Israel, and the packaging process that follows provides working opportunities for disabled individuals in the community. 

K’ekua Hot Chocolate Tablets (Mexico) - Perfect for winter, K’ekua’s chocolate tablets are made with the best Mexican cocoa beans according to Aztec tradition, an ancient civilization that was conquered by the Spanish over 400 years ago. K’ekua also helps marginalized communities by employing indigenous people in the area. 

Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co. Shortbread (Canada) - Rich with butter, shortbread was once an expensive and precious treat reserved for Christmas. After running a wildly popular catering company for over 25 years, Mark Pollard founded Sprucewood, where he now specializes in baking sweet and savory shortbread cookies from scratch.

 Darling Sweet Toffee (South Africa) - Frits and Hentie, the duo behind this toffee, have been hiring locals to make their signature sweets since 2013. Deliciously rich and creamy, its made with pure butter from Darling (a South African town known for its excellent butter) and wrapped in recycled and biodegradable packaging.

  Giuliano Tartufi Truffle Sauce (Italy) - In 1980, the founder of Guiliano Tartufi ventured into the forest with his grandfather and Irish Setter. Thanks to his dog’s keen sense of smell, Giuliano found his very first truffle and has been making a range of truffle products, including this sauce, since that day.

 Fox Gourmet Lemon Curd (United Kingdom) - Lemon Curd is an English fruit preserve made with lemon, sugar and eggs. In the late 19th century, people served the homemade preparation to their guests when they visited for tea. Fox Gourmet makes their lemon curd the old-fashioned way by cooking it over open pans.

Overall, Try The World Boxes offer a solid mix of items pertaining to the country of each box. It's a great way to sample gourmet foods from around the globe in the comfort of your own home. It's not the cheapest subscription box, but you do get several items that are only available in specialty stores.

** All photography taken by Grace Y. courtesy of FoodintheCityTO **

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Disclaimer: The products provided in this post was complimentary. However, all of the opinions expressed in this review are of my own.

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