[Prague] Naše Maso

We spent three nights in Prague, and Naše Maso was on our list of eats based on its high rating on Yelp. It's a butcher shop located a few minutes away from the Old Town Square. They offer high quality meat, and cooked items as well. We ended up getting two of their most popular items, the dry-aged hamburger and spicy sausages.

The Dry-Aged Hamburger (159 czk / $8.19) took about 15 minutes to be ready, but it was worth the wait. The burger was freshly made, and there was a good bun to meat ratio. Overall, it was enjoyable meal and the meat was full of flavor. I only wished that they had toasted the bun a little longer, as it was kind of lukewarm when I got it.

 We also got an order of two Italian Sausages (75 czk each / $3.86 each), which were pretty good.

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