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I have been living in Toronto for about twenty years now, and I must say that I love the city for its diversity and multiculturalism (people and cuisine). I started A Food-A-Holic's Musing in mid 2012 with the intention of just documenting my food adventures.

Recently, I realized that there are still so many things and events that I have not yet experienced in the city despite living here for many years. It was then that I decided to turn my food reviews blog into more of a food/lifestyle blog where I can chronicle and share my city experience with others.

Besides various food reviews, I will also be writing about everyday life in Toronto, places to visits/see in the city, and also the occasional thoughts on dating, relationship, lifestyle, fashion, ways to save money, and health.

Please note that this is a personal blog, and all opinions expressed here are mine. Any comments which are deemed inappropriate (profanity), offensive or spam will be deleted.Thanks for understanding and stopping by =)

OP Editorials:

Dating On A Dime - I will provide places in the city that are good for budget-friendly dates.

My Adventures In Toronto - Documenting places that I have been to in the city. Come explore Toronto with me.

Fashion Forward - Editorial pieces about fashion.

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