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So you finally muster the courage, and asked the girl or guy that you have been crushing on out on a date, and they said “yes”. Just remember that you only get one chance to make a good first impression. So the following is a list of things that you should not do on a first date.

Dress Sloppily: As a female, I find that deciding what to wear on a first date is often difficult. I think it’s important to wear an outfit that is comfortable, but also try to avoid over-dressing for the occasion. If it’s a casual fare or event, just wear a nice flowy shirt with jeans, or a casual summer dress. As for males, don’t wear anything super baggy or dirty; it’s not going to make a very good impression if you like the girl. A good outfit idea would be khaki pants with a nice shirt or even button-up dress shirt. Also, don’t forget the perfume/cologne and deodorant.

Talk About Your Ex: If you’re out on a first date, do not … I repeat do not talk about your ex(es). This will definitely show your date that you haven’t moved on from your past relationship. It’s also completely unfair for the other person to listen to you talk about your ex, when they are trying to get to know you better.  I think that if you are not over your ex; then don’t date anyone until you are officially over them. 

Interview Your Date: A couple of my guy friends often complain that some of the girls that they go out on dates with would interview them during their first dates. These girls would go straight into asking them about their salaries (how much they make annually), what they want in a relationship, what car they drive, etc … First dates are supposed to be fun and not a job interview. So instead of bombarding your date with questions after questions, I think it’s good to just have casual conversations to get to know one another better.

Check Your Phone/Text While Your Date Is Talking: Unfortunately, I am a little guilty of checking my phone while I am out to dinner with friends. It’s something that I am currently working on improving, and I know that many people often do the same. However, whenever I am on a date with a guy, I try my best to avoid checking my phone. It’s important to be courteous to the other person, so it’s best to keep your cell phone on silent mode.

Expect The Guy To Pay: Who pays for the first date is often considered as a social dilemma these days. Traditionally, it is expected that the men usually pay for the first date. However, I don’t think that females should always expect or insists on their dates picking up the entire tab. I am sure that some guys would appreciate their dates offering to go dutch or at least offer to pay for the second date, if there is one. Personally, I don’t need a guy to pay for my meal, and I do offer to go dutch on dates. However, if the guy insists on paying for my share as well as his, then I would offer to pay the tab for the next time or we go for drinks or dessert after dinner (my treat).
I find that dates can get expensive, and there are many things to do in Toronto for a fraction of the price or even for free. Here are some ideas for some cheap dates that you and your significant other can definitely enjoy doing together. 

Beach: There are several beaches, and it is always FREE to go to :) Some things that you can do at the beach are arm-in-arm stroll together, play some beach volleyball, go swimming, biking, etc ...

Centre Island: Spend an entire day exploring the island with your date.

High Park: This is one of the largest and nicest parks in Toronto that I have been to. Bring out your bike or roller blades, and just enjoy the sunny weather (summertime) with that special someone.

Kensington Market/St Lawrence Market: There are so many stores and vendors to check out at both of these popular markets in downtown Toronto. 

Movie Date: An average cost of an adult ticket is usually $12.99 (+ tax) for a regular 2d movie. However, many theaters in the GTA offer reduced admission cost for a fraction of the price and it's usually under $7.00 per ticket on Tuesdays'. Also, if you're a member of SCENE (a membership club for moviegoers of Cineplex), you can also get an additional 10% off.

Picnics: I have always loved picnics, so much fun! Here is a list of some cheap picnic food that you can bring along on your date:

potato salad
Vves and dip
buy hot dog from a stand (usually $2.00)
chips, popcorn, cheese/crackers
homemade sandwiches
coldcuts and bread

Royal Ontario Museum: Students often have more of a budget than others as some may only work part-time due to their studies. The ROM offers free general admission to those who are students (attending a Canadian post-secondary institution) every Tuesday. Don't forget to bring your student ID.

Walking: The weather is getting a lot nicer so it's always nice to take a walk down Queen St W, or even Lakeshore, with your significant other.

Dating On A Dime: Cheap Date Ideas

by on Tuesday, June 04, 2013
I find that dates can get expensive, and there are many things to do in Toronto for a fraction of the price or even for free. Here are some...