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Tandoori Flame is North America's largest Indian buffet with two locations in Ontario; Mississauga and Brampton. The Mississauga location caters to serving only halal-certified food, as all items are halal. Halal is meat (excluding pork) that has been prepared according to Islamic guidelines. However, their Brampton location doesn't cater specifically to halal food, as they offer a mixture of food items. Both venues are quite spacious with 10,000 to 14,000 sq.ft, and has the capacity to serve more than 500 guests. I was kindly invited to check out the Mississauga location of Tandoori Flame last weekend to celebrate the Halal Food Festival 2015, which I also attended. This location of Tandoori Flame was situated in the commercial area of the Heartland Town Center, so there were ample parking spots.  

 The decor was a little more rustic with white brick walls decorated with Indian artifacts and paintings all throughout the restaurant. As for the layout, the restaurant itself was vast, and spacious with over 15 different food stations. It wasn't hard to navigate around the buffet area, as everything was clearly labeled and laid out. Additionally, there were ample seating in the dining area. Speaking of the food stations earlier, they were very well-manned, as the buffet trays were frequently replenished.

The buffet is available seven days a week, and the adult prices are as followed: 

M-F (lunch) - $13.99
M-F (dinner) - $19.99
Sat-Sun (lunch) - $22.99
Fri-Sun (dinner) - $22.99

The buffet showcases an impressive assortment of Indian dishes, as well as having a large salad bar. Tandoori Flame boasts up to 150 delicious items such as gol gappas, papri chat, bhel puri, samosas, tikkis, falafal, Veg and non-Veg tandoori kabobs, tikkas, butter chicken, and more. Overall, I thought that Tandoori Flame did an excellent job of showcasing the wide variety of regional Indian cuisine on the buffet floor. It's a great place to sample Indian fare.

Most often when it comes to buffets, people often complain about the lack of authenticity of the food when compared to sit-down or family-owned restaurants. Personally, I think these are often unfair comparison as buffets are meant to showcase a variety of specialties for a set price. They don't just specialize in a few items. As a buffet, Tandoori Flame's main objective was to provide a diverse selection of regional Indian dishes to customers in the city. By offering the variety that they do, they have succeeded in bringing Indian flavors to Mississauga, and to those who may not be familiar with Indian food. Some flavors may not be as bold, but I did get a great taste of Indian flavors and spices in all the items that I did try. My favorite dishes were the naan, butter chicken, kesari chicken tikka, and the dosa. 

The service was also fantastic, as our server was courteous, attentive, and friendly. I also noticed that other servers attending to customers in the same dining area as us were quick to take ours, and other customers' dirty dishes away. We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner at Tandoori Flame. Overall, the buffet at Tandoori Flame offers solid tasty choices, and is great value for money. 

Address: 5975 Mavis Road, Mississauga, ON, L5R 3T7 (Mavis & Britannia)
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Disclaimer: The food provided in this post was complimentary. However, all of the opinions expressed in this review are of my own.

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Tandoori Flame

by on Friday, June 05, 2015
Tandoori Flame is North America's largest Indian buffet with two locations in Ontario; Mississauga and Brampton. The Mississauga locat...
Name: TKRE The Kathi Roll Express
Cuisine: Indian
Address: 692 Yonge St, Toronto, ON, M4Y1Z9

TKRE The Kathi Roll Express is a restaurant on Yonge & Bloor that specializes in Kathi Rolls. What are they? A Kathi Roll is basically a fried paratha (wholewheat indian flatbread) wrapped in your choice of meat filling (beef, chicken, lamb, goat, etc...), vegetables and eggs. It must be mentioned that Kathi Rolls are a very popular street food in India, and has now been brought to Toronto by TKRE's owner Sumit Kohli. I was invited to a tasting event along with many other bloggers about 2 weeks ago to try out the Kathi Rolls. I was excited to try it out as I have never tasted one before. Upon entering the trendy looking establishment, we were each given a mango lassi to drink while we wait. It was a savory yet thick mango yogurt drink. Two thumbs up for the drink :)

The event took place in the back patio, and Megan (our host) brought out two trays of Chicken Tikka Roll ($5.99) and Achari Paneer Tikka Roll ($5.99) for us to start the evening with. The chicken tikka roll was wrapped in BBQ chicken which was marinated in yoghurt and magical spices. I enjoyed this particular roll as the chicken was well-spiced and the spicy level wasn't too overwhelming.

The battered egg provided a very fluffy texture to the contrast of the chicken. This was probably my favorite roll from TKRE. The achari panner tikka roll consisted of spicy pickle and yogurt marinated chunks of Indian cottage cheese. The cheese definitely enhanced the taste of the roll itself, and provided a really unique taste as I have never eaten anything like it before.

Next up was the Chicken Kung Pao Szechwan Style Roll ($5.99). The owner of TKRE, Sumit Kohli, is a huge fan of "kung pao chicken" so he wanted to create a roll that would be a fusion of the two cultures. I really like Chinese's kung pao chicken so I was interested in seeing how the fusion of the two would mix. I was pleasantly surprised that it went well together. Overall, it was well-executed and pretty much put a fun twist on kung pao chicken.

As an added bonus, we were allowed to choose any one item from the menu to try. I chose the Korean Street Style BBQ Chicken Roll ($5.99); another fusion kathi roll. There was an abundant amount of Korean BBQ chicken in my roll, and I really liked the spices used as it was definitely flavorful. I also had a bite of the Lamb Seekh Kabab Roll ($5.99). This particular roll consisted of minced lamb, spices and bound with egg; it has a similar taste as the first roll. I actually don't have an acquired taste for (anything) lamb so I didn't like it as much as the other rolls.

I only got to try out a few rolls, but there is an extensive choice of filling at TKRE The Kathi Roll Express, and many are priced under $10.00. So, if you're looking for a quick bite at affordable prices then you should definitively head out to TKRE The Kathi Roll Express to try out their Kathi Rolls.

I'd like to thank both Megan and Sumit Kohli for their warm hospitality =) It was definitely my pleasure to have the opportunity to try out something new in the city.


Disclaimer: The food provided in this post was complimentary. However, all of the opinions expressed in this review are of my own.

Photo Credit: JL of Paparazzi Media (PA)

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