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 Scaramouche is located on the corner of an unassuming apartment building on Benvenuto Place. Surprisingly, when you enter the restaurant, you will be greeted with a lovely view of the skyline, so booking a seat at a window table is highly recommended. We have been here twice a couple of years back and decided to return for mine and J's 10th-anniversary last year (July 2018) for nostalgia sake.

 The restaurant opened up in 1981 and has since become one of Toronto's top restaurants for business dinners and special occasions. Scaramouche's menu offers a fusion of traditional and modern culinary styles combining both French and Canadian cuisine. In doing so, they have become a culinary institution who has been celebrated by customers and critics for their commitment to making each dining experience a memorable one. They have received several recognitions in the media. Scaramouche placed #13 in the Toronto Life's 100 Best Restaurants and #36 on Canada's 100 Best last year.

We started off with Bread with Stirling Creamery Butter with Sea Salt for Two ($3). I was surprised that they charge for bread, as I have never been a restaurant (casual or high-end) that did that. However, they claimed on the menu that the small charge for bread will help us to reduce significant waste and half the proceeds will be donated to Community Food Centres Canada. 

Next appetizer was an order of 9 Oysters ($45) - served on the half shell with red wine mignonette, horseradish, and lemon. It's market-priced, so prices will vary accordingly.

J got an order of Tomato Soup ($17) as his appetizer. 

We also got another appetizer to share, the Hand-Made Ravioli ($22) - Cauliflower filling, double smoked bacon, radicchio, parsley and preserved lemon, and brown butter jus

For my main, I opted for the Grilled Filet Mignon ($50), which was an Ontario AAA beef. The dish consists of mushrooms, sliced shallot, haricot vert, and crispy pressed potatoes tossed in parsley garlic butter, and Bordelaise sauce. The steak was cooked to perfection and I loved the sauce.  

I also got a side order of Parmesan Fries($8) to go with my steak.

 Scaramouche Restaurant does offer specials of the day, so J ended up getting the Salmon Special ($38) as his main course.

Pineapple Juice ($8)

Scaramouche is very well-known for their Coconut Cream Pie ($14) - coconut custard, chantilly cream, white chocolate shavings, and dark chocolate sauce. It's their signature dessert, so I definitely had to get it. It was still as good as I remembered it. 

After dessert, I gifted J with two tickets to The King & I at Mirvish Princess of Wales for the upcoming weekend show. I am not a huge fan of musicals, but he is so I knew that he wanted to watch it.

The macarons were from Delysses! Their old location on King Street is now closed, but they do supply other vendors with their macarons and pastries.

Scaramouche Restaurant

by on Friday, July 19, 2019
  Scaramouche is located on the corner of an unassuming apartment building on Benvenuto Place. Surprisingly, when you enter the restaurant...
Celebrity chef Akira Back's first Canadian namesake restaurant is now open in the Bisha Hotel Toronto. Located inside of the luxury boutique hotel, the restaurant offers a menu of Japanese cuisine with Korean flavors and Canadian twist. We had the pleasure of attending a media preview at Akira Back Toronto last week, where we were treated to a tasting menu of some of his best dishes. 

I was looking forward to the opening of his restaurant when it was announced earlier this summer. Akira Back has a growing reputation in the hospitality industry for the creativity that he brings to his culinary creations. Back's food is inspired by his passions for adventure, travel and culinary exploration. "Each of his restaurants features inventive menus that embody his life and travel inspirations throughout the world, representing the root of his culture and his culinary background in every dish. Akira Back is one of the most exciting names in the culinary world, growing rapidly across major international". (credit: press release) 

“Toronto is a cultural epicentre with a diverse and multi­cultural food scene, which is why I always hoped to have a restaurant here,” says Chef Akira Back. “The menu will feature a number of my signature dishes along with some new ones that were inspired by my time spent in the city.” - Akira Back
Throughout his career, he has many culinary successes, including being awarded the title of “Rising Star” by Restaurant Hospitality (2008) and has had the distinct honor of hosting the prestigious James Beard House dinners (2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012, 2013 & 2014). Besides having restaurants in the USA, he has opened several overseas locations such as Akira Back Restaurants in Singapore, New Delhi and Jakarta. Earlier this November, he was awarded a one Michelin Star by the 2018 Michelin Guide Seoul for his restaurant DOSA in Seoul, South Korea.

Walking into the restaurant, I was in awe of the space as it paid homage to traditional Japanese culture with contemporary ornamentation. "Subtle nods to Japanese culture will appear through refined and intimate details which balance the central design feature, a full­-length cove ceiling showcasing a colourful custom graphic". The overall interiors contain several neutral elements with bold wooden decor, which creates an intimate yet classy environment that appeals to a wide range of diners.

The menu at Akira Back Toronto features a number of his signature dishes, along with several new ones that were inspired by his visit to Canada. The tasting menu that night consists of five courses with wine pairings that perfectly complement each specific dish.

[First Course] 

Tuna & Mushroom Pizza ($22) - truffle oil, micro shiso

[Second Course] 

Jeju Domi ($22) - orange tobiko, red sorrel, chojang

Salmon Tiradito ($21) - roasted peaches, Kizami wasabi, spinach cilantro

[Third Course] 

Eggplant Miso ($12) - sweet miso sauce

Rock Shrimp ($17) - sriracha ranch

(photo credit: @akirabacktoronto)

[Fourth Course] 

Seared Halibut - mushrooms, soy beurre blanc,

(photo credit: @akirabacktoronto)

48 Hour Wagyu Short Rib ($32) - root vegetables, quail egg, braising jus


Black & White Sesame Matcha Cake - salted agave ice cream

Yuzu Citrus - sable crumble, strawberry gelato 

“Akira Back is an extremely talented chef on the cusp of exploding internationally and we’re excited that Bisha will be his first location in Canada. After interviewing many recognized chefs over a three­year period, I felt that Akira Back’s talent and uniqueness would be the perfect match for Bisha Toronto to make it a complete hospitality experience,” says Charles Khabouth, Chairman, ICONINK. (credit: press release) 

All of the dishes were perfectly crafted to combine the various cuisines that Back is influenced and inspired by. The use of fresh ingredients definitely enhanced the flavors of the dishes, particularly the two mains (halibut and short rib). The night ended with not one... but two desserts. The elegant desserts consist of two very popular Japanese flavors; matcha and yuzu. My favorite was the black & white sesame matcha cake, which was rich in flavor and creamy in texture. I loved matcha desserts, so this definitely hit the spot for my sweet tooth! Akira Back Toronto is definitely a welcoming addition to the city of Toronto for its visionary dishes that encompasses the combination of Asian and North American cuisine. Can't wait to be back!

** Pictures by Cherie. Visit her Instagram and Blog to check out her feeds **
** Pictures of Chef Akira Back by Akira Back Toronto **


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Disclaimer: The food provided in this post was complimentary. However, all of the opinions expressed in this review are of my own.

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Akira Back Toronto

by on Friday, December 08, 2017
Celebrity chef  Akira Back 's first Canadian namesake restaurant is now open in the Bisha Hotel Toronto . Located inside of the luxury ...
A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending a media tasting at JaBistro. I have been here on three occasions, and it has remained one of my favorite sushi spots in Toronto. JaBistro is a modern Japanese restaurant known for their beautifully presented sashimi platters, and blowtorched sushi. Established in November 2012, JaBistro has remained a popular choice for many when it comes to choosing a premier sushi restaurant to dine at. Additionally, the restaurant is part of the Kinka Family, who also owns other establishments in the city, including Kinton Ramen, Yakitori Kintori, and Kinka Izakaya.  

Both of my previous dinners took place during the winter time (third experience was lunch), so I was not aware that JaBistro had a rooftop patio. The patio is open every summer until it gets too cold, as they don't have any overhead heat system. JaBistro's Rooftop Patio was tastefully designed with its sleek use of wood, and string lights. It provided a more zen ambiance compared to their dining space downstairs. The patio seats 40 guests, with the possibility of using the eastern (direction) side of 20 seats for private functions.

JaBistro offers a more elevated dining experience by offering both classic and contemporary dishes that are sourced using the finest, and freshest dish from coastal waters around the world. We started off our menu tasting with the first course, a beautifully plated sashimi platter accompanied with a glass of wine. JaBistro did not disappoint me with their selection, and the sashimi platter was a great indication of the rest of the meal. The sashimi was silky, buttery, and fresh.

Course 1 - Sashimi Platter + Cava Sampling

Akami - blue fin tuna loin (Japan), Tai - sea bream (Japan), Wagyu Beef (US), and Salmon (Canada)

Course 2 - Appetizer Platter

Kanpachi Kama (fish collar), Ebi Nanban (battered tiger shrimp), Ika (calamari), and lobster miso soup

The kanpachi kama (fish collar) was a great introductory course, and we both enjoyed the fish head very much. To be honest, we didn't expect the head to contain so much meat, so it was a welcomed surprise.

The platter also came with 2 jumbo pieces of ebi nanban (battered tiger shrimp), which I quickly ate. I liked that the tartar sauce was available on the side instead of glazed on the shrimp as they were on my previous visit, as the shrimps are already sweet in flavor. You can order the ebi nanban from the bistro menu for $14, and it comes with 6 pieces.

Course 3 - Nigiri & Aburi (blowtorced)

Hamachi (yellowtail) from Japan, Chu Toro (medium fatty tuna belly) from Japan, Lobster from Halifax, Salmon Oshizushi, Saba Oshizushi (mackerel), Ebi (tiger shrimp), and JaBistroll (salmon, snow crab, uni, cucumber, tobiko).

Up next was a platter containing chef’s choice of 3 nigiri, and 4 oshizushi, including one of my favorites, the JaBistro Roll. The JaBistro Roll is a signature roll filled with salmon, snow crab, uni, cucumber, tobiko, mayo, and then lightly torched. Additionally, the uni provided a nice creamy texture to the roll, which I really enjoyed.

Oshizushi is pressed sushi, and is made by pressing sushi rice and fish into a mould to create a rectangular shape, and then lightly seared with a blowtorch. The oshizushi sushi are topped off with different toppings to give each one a distinct taste. For example, the salmon was topped off with thin slices of jalapeño, while the mackerel was topped with scallion and daikon radish. Additionally, all the aburi are already seasoned with their in-house soy sauce, and wasabi. My favorite was the salmon oshizushi, and it is one of my must-have dishes.

Course 4 - Dessert

Mousse cake with vanilla ice-cream

We ended the night off with dessert; a delectable green tea flavored mousse cake with vanilla ice-cream. The chocolate sponge cake was layered with creamy and light green tea mousse, and topped off with strawberries. This combination created a very airy cake with subtle sweetness. Perfect for those who aren't into super sweet desserts. If you like sweets, then the accompanied ice-cream should satisfied that craving.

JaBistro is a great place for business meals, dates, or special occasions. Overall, JaBistro is a great place to dine for its quality food, attentive service, and we had an enjoyable dining experience up on their rooftop patio. They are open for lunch Monday-Fri from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm, and dinner from Sun-Thurs (5 pm to 11 pm), and Fri-Sat (5 pm to 12 am).

Address: 222 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1W4

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Disclaimer: The food provided in this post was complimentary. However, all of the opinions expressed in this review are of my own.

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Dinner @ JaBistro's Rooftop Patio

by on Thursday, August 04, 2016
A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending a media tasting at  JaBistro . I have been here on three occasions, and it has remai...
Wine Academy (IG @wineacademyto) is a new private members club in the heart of the Financial District. I had the pleasure of attending their launch party where we were treated to passed canapés with some wines. Guests also got the chance to have a tour of the wine cellar, which was pretty imposing.

The Wine Academy is located underground on the corner of Bay and Richmond. It's a place where wine aficionados and casual drinkers alike have the opportunity to taste and store their wine collection in a sprawling multi-storied, uber-chic, and ultra-urban 6000+ square foot space. The space itself was beautifully decorated with wood, and the perfect space for private events, business meetings, or social functions. Additionally, the location that now houses Wine Academy used to be a gym, and the foundation of the old interior was basically kept. However, the designers spruced it up to create a more industrial yet classic interior. The natural finishes are mixed with some metals and wood to create a rather warm environment; one that is great to relax in.

** All photography of the interior are taken by Jimmy Li courtesy of Wine Academy **

Wine Academy came from the idea of creating a space where friends, clients and colleagues who appreciate dining out, entertaining and being social could come together,” said Aaron Joseph Bear Robe, Managing Partner and Executive Chef atWine Academy. “And, since food and wine are two of the most ubiquitous enjoyments life has to offer, The Wine Academy aimed to create a social club that celebrates just that.  (source:

A personal Wine Academy membership costs $1000.00 annually, and the monthly cost of a wine storage unit is $150. The wine cellar is safe, and secure with multi-level security check to ensure that the wines are safely stored (integrated HVAC system controls temperature and humidity uniformly).

Lastly, it's not all about the wines, as Wine Academy also offers a selection of locally sourced internationally inspired dishes. The kitchen is headed by Executive Chef Aaron Joseph Bear Robe (Keriwa Cafe) who brings forth a menu highlighting various flavors.

Book a tour (available Monday-Friday from 8 am to 9 pm) today to check out the facility. 

Address: 67 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON M5H 1Z5

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Disclaimer: The food provided in this post was complimentary. However, all of the opinions expressed in this review are of my own.

Wine Academy Toronto

by on Thursday, June 23, 2016
Wine Academy ( IG @wineacademyto ) is a new private members club in the heart of the Financial District. I had the pleasure of attending t...