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Zomato recently launched operations in Toronto earlier last week, and the app is now live. What is Zomato? It is an online restaurant discovery guide that has a great following in many cities in countries of India, Turkey, New Zealand, Portugal, United Kingdom, and many more. The Toronto section is their first venture into the North America market of food review apps. The service is available on both the web at and mobile (iPhone, Windows Phone, Android, or Blackberry). More information on the mobile apps can be found here.

The team behind the Toronto section of Zomato has taken the time to curate detailed information for over 11,000 restaurants in the GTA. Not only does it offer information on restaurants; it also allows users to create and build a personal network with other fellow foodies. They have incorporated various social features that allow interactions between users (such as follow people, like their reviews, comment on the reviews, upload pictures of the food, etc ...).

Zomato also has a section on the main page where it will suggest nearby restaurants that are based on specific categories such as steakhouses, gourmet pizza, or even pocket friendly.

All users and business owners have access to all restaurant information on Zomato. The information is updated by the Zomato team monthly to make sure that all information are up to date.

I downloaded the app from the Apple Store earlier this week, and tested it out myself. I found the app interface to clean and easy to access around the information. All information on each restaurant are clearly displayed with the address, the Geo-location, menu, reviews and photos uploaded by various users. The app also allows users to bookmark, check in, rate the restaurant or even check it off if you have been there before.

I am on Zomato, so if you'd like a newsfeed of my reviews on the app, then you can follow me at See you online :) 


Photo screenshots of the app are credited to Zomato.

[App/Tech] Zomato

by on Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Zomato recently launched operations in Toronto earlier last week, and the app is now live. What is Zomato? It is an online restaurant disco...
 What will you do if everyone was born with Super Power, but you are the only one that wasn't? "I want to be human again..." Phoenix.
 Hypothetically, if I were to have any superhero powers ... I'd like the power of teleporting. That way, I can freely teleport myself to various restaurants around the city or even the world. Obviously, in reality this can never happen but in the comics world; anything is possible.

A friend of mine, Kai Hong Cheung, recently started a new comic venture with a buddy of his. The project is called Comic Phoenix 2014, and they are currently looking for funding to produce the 68 page black and white manga.

Mockup COVER

Humans, a race that has never been content with the privileges one possesses, never rest to try and surpass God. As a result, countless years of research and resources had been devoted to genetic engineering. This led the world to successfully create the next chain of evolution—inherit super powers at birth. Eventually, the number of super humans grew, leaving natural human beings to be extinct. Humans tried so hard to become something so great, but all they’ve done, is made themselves more inhumane.

Crime rates increased and greed in people's heart grew bigger as more and more people began to misuse their abilities. Ones with great power but twisted hearts gathered to enslave and threaten the weak. Years of disorders passed and those that could stand and fight rose to a war, known as "The War of Hope". As years went by, the world started to crumble. Both sides started to wither away. To salvage what was left the “Act of Settlement” was implemented. Academies were established to educate those with great power to maintain order, help control their power and preserve peace. However, as the world returns to its order, a dark force rises, to submerge the world in darkness again.

The story begins in "The Underground Lab" where Henry Emmerich, a genius researcher, attempts to reverse the effects of genetic mutations. His son, Frank Emmerich, possesses super human strength which is deemed dangerous by the Academies and is targeted by their elite forces. As a result, Henry and his partner, Lucifer, re-initiate the "Project Phoenix" to eliminate the seed of disaster their ancestors had once planted. As the story unfolds, what awaits Henry and his fatherly love attempt to untwist Frank's fate?


Character creation.
The underground lab concept art.
Kurenai concept art.
Frank Emmerich concept art.
Vol 1, Page 12.
Phoenix concept art/ poster.
Chapter 2 cover.
Chapter 1 cover - The underground lab.
If you're interested in the project, then please visit their Kickstarter @ for more information.

"Phoenix" is a 68 page black and white manga. It is a comedy, action, tragedy, and elements of superpowers.

The collection edition features a 8.5 x 11 82 page art book that contains concept arts, sketches, and comics of the phoenix.

To Publish Vol.1 of "Phoenix" and the Collection Edition artwork of Phoenix.


All the funding received will go towards distribution, publishing and more importantly creating more high quality content. My passion and dreams is making comics. Phoenix is just the start of something bigger. It is a story that brings up unique themes among philosophical issues in a futuristic setting. I want to continue telling this story and with your help I can.


[Manga] Comic Phoenix 2014

by on Wednesday, March 12, 2014
 What will you do if everyone was born with Super Power, but you are the only one that wasn't? "I want to be human again..."...
I love photo apps, and have quite a few on my cell phone. So earlier this week, I saw that Rhonna Designs was free (normally $1.99) in the iTunes store, so I couldn't help but download it.


This photo editor is pretty nifty if you want to spruce up your Instagram photos. There are not many filters to choose from (8 in total) but it does come with a variety of picture and text overlays.

I was waiting for someone at Starbucks and decided to play around with one of the apps!

Starbucks' seasonal drink, Pumpkin Spice Latte, is back and celebrating its 10th year on the menu. Starbucks and McDonald's are two of my go-to places for caffeine during my work week as I really need it to stay awake. However, I have never tried the Pumpkin Spice Latte until its return on the menu earlier last week. The reason being is that I don't like the flavor of pumpkin so I always thought that the latte would have a strong pumpkin flavor to it. Anyways, I decided to order one  this week as I kept seeing pictures of people's PSL drinks on my Instagram feed so I was curious to its taste. I have to say that the pumpkin-flavored syrup wasn't too strong. Additionally the whipped cream went well with the pumpkin pie spices. Overall, I actually really liked it and have been drinking it since then (ordered 4 grande this past week).

In other Starbucks news, I finally obtained gold membership about 2 months, and have not received my card yet. I wonder what is taking them so long?

I have been waiting for the release of the Iphone5S since my contract ended nearly 2 months ago. I am currently on a monthly paid plan. So I was very pleased when Apple had their press conference on Tuesday in regards their new phones. I know that this is basically just an upgrade from their previous model but ... I am still excited about it. I was debating between getting the Sony Xperia Z and Iphone5S (mainly for their camera quality as I use it a lot). In the end, I decided to upgrade to an Iphone5S as I have all of my files backed up on my computer so it'll be a breeze to transfer everything over.

Before I start writing about my Fan Expo 2013 experience; I want to write down a small blogging goal. I am hoping to have at least one blog post up every 2 weeks (either a personal or food review post) from now on. I have been brainstorming some blog topics during my 1 hour commute home from work, so let's hope I can keep it up. Anyways onto my Fan Expo blog with tips for next year's event (that I learned from my experience there).

Fan Expo Canada was held over the weekend of August 22 to August 25, 2013, at The Toronto Convention Center. This year was my first time attending the popular event, and I will definitely be coming back next year. Apparently, this year they expanded to the north building and also added a new Sports Expo area as well so a lot more space.

Pictured: I spent the last 30 minutes browsing through the Lego exhibit (near the food court), and taking pictures with the Logo sculptures. This was one of the features there which was The Hobbit in Lego.

 I was thinking of going on Saturday but didn't want to deal with the overbearing hoards of people, so I went with friends after work on Friday (took a half-day) instead. After reading online about the large masses of people who attended the event over the weekend, I was glad that I went on Friday instead. I made it in time to line up for the Sailor Moon’s 20th anniversary panel as I was a huge Sailor Moon fan during my adolescent years. I got myself a middle seat and got a decent viewing of the voice actresses, actor, and director.

Pictured: Linda Ballantyne (Sailor Moon), Susan Roman (Lita/Sailor Jupiter), Katie Griffin (Raye/Sailor Mars), Toby Proctor (Darien/Tuxedo Mask) and director John Stocker.

The four days event had everything from signing sessions (celebrities' autographs), hundreds of small and retailed vendors, food court, displays, booths, panels, thousands of people cosplaying, and a newly added sports section. 

Tips For Next Year's Fan Expo 2014:

1) Save Money Ahead of Time -- Going to Fan Expo isn't exactly cheap if you take into accounts the ticket prices, photo and autograph sessions with celebrities, and also an array of vendors made available. If you are interested in any of the above mentions then it'd be a good idea to save some money ahead of time. Photo ops are between $40 to $80 and autographs are between $30 to $50 (per celebrity).

Tickets for this year's event was Thurs ($25), Fri ($35), Sat ($50), Sun ($40) and deluxe pass for all four days ($115).

2) Buy Your Ticket(s) In Advanced -- You can buy your tickets online in advanced of the weekend's events. Although there is a $5.00 surcharge; at least it will guarantee that you'll have your ticket. I'd recommend buying your ticket(s) online if you want to attend Fan Expo on the Saturday as it's usually a mad house at the box office after 12:00 pm.

3) Plan Your Day Before Going -- All information and schedules are posted online on the official Fan Expo's website, so it's best to check it out before attending. That way, you can map out what you want to see or do at Fan Expo, what panels are available, decide on which celebrities you want to see and get an autograph or photo from, and which vendors will be there. 

4) Take The Program Guide With You -- Before entering the tunnel to purchase my ticket, the volunteers were handing out the guide books. It greatly helped me a lot throughout my day. The program guide book provided a lot of useful information such maps of the floors, times/locations of where the panels and celebrities are, vendors information, etc ... All of the information that are found online is condensed into this soft cover book. graph or photo from, and which vendors will be there.

5) Bring Cash -- If you're planning on buying entrance tickets to Fan Expo at the booth office; they only accept cash or debit. Additionally, many vendors prefer cash transactions over debit/credit (some are cash only). Try to withdraw cash from your local bank before attending the event as the line-ups for the indoor ATMs can get pretty long.

6) Bring Snacks -- You're probably going to be either moving around a lot or wait in lines for quite some time. So it's a good idea to bring along some snacks such as granola bars, cookies or a small bag of chips. It's also best to bring your own bottled water as it's a little more expensive at the food court. This was my first year here so I wasn't prepared at all. I didn't bring anything to eat and after waiting in line for Stan Lee; I got myself a plate of nachos/cheese and a bottle of water for $10.00.

7) Comfortable Shoes -- I love heels so I managed to last 6 hours of walking and waiting in 4 inches heels. However, for those who can't do that then I'd suggest wearing comfortable shoes. No one stepped on my toes that day (phewwwww), but I can imagine that happening on the packed Saturday.

8) Bring A Fully-Charged Cell and Camera -- If you're going with your friends then it's a good idea to bring your cell phones so you can connect with each other (in case you get lost). There is so much to see and do, and by bringing a camera ... you can capture the moments and memories of your day(s) at Fan Expo. Most of the photos that I managed to get are of myself posing with cosplayers and also of the Lego exhibit which I thought was really nice.

9) Deodorant -- Trust me, you'll need it as it gets really hot indoors, and you'll probably be sweating if you're in a cosplay outfit.

10) Line Up Early For Panels/Photo Ops -- You can expect lengthy line ups for popular panels and photo ops at Fan Expo. The only panel that I attended was the Sailor Moon’s 20th anniversary panel. This specific panel started at 2:30 pm and I got there around 1:30 pm. There must have been at least 150-200 people there ahead of me. So generally, if you want to attend any of the panels then get there 1-2 hours before it starts.

See you at Fan Expo 2014 =)

[Touring Toronto] Fan Expo 2013

by on Wednesday, September 04, 2013
Before I start writing about my Fan Expo 2013 experience; I want to write down a small blogging goal. I am hoping to have at least one b...
I'd considered my summer style to be simple yet feminine and semi-colorful. I am actually not a huge fan of prints (animal or tribal) but I do occasionally like floral patterns as long as it's not too flashy. While surfing the net one night, I discovered this website called Polyvore. It is a social sharing website where members can create image collages of fashion outfits and share them within the community and other social media platforms.

Using the website, I have put together my five (main) looks for the summer. Many of the following items are clothing that I do own or have something super similar to create that exact style.

Summer Look #1

Dress: Bebe's High Low Crossover Front Dress
Accessory: Sterling Silver Open Heart Pendant Necklace with Owl
Bag: Michael Kors' Small Jet-Set Travel Tote Bag
Heels: David Tutera's Bouquet (white)

Summer Look #2

Dress: French Connection's Mandy Linen Strappy Dress
Accessory: Love Story's Silver and 9 Carat Rose Gold Heart Earrings 
Bag: Coach's Poppy Signature Sateen Glam (black)
Heels: Steve Madden's Bridgite (black gold)

Summer Look #3

Top: Aritzia's Noho Bustier (white)
Bottom: True Religion's Misty Legging Finnigan Jeans (baby pink)
Bag: Michael Kors' Hamilton Satchel Handbag (vanilla)
Heels: Aldo's Somilleda (white patent)

Summer Look #4

Top: Nasty Gal's Scalloped Lace Crop Top (pale mint)
Bottom: H&M's Chiffon skirt
Accessory:'s CZ Infinity Necklace
 Heels: Nine West's Neta

Summer Look #5

Top: Old Navy's Womens Perfect Rib Knit Tank
Bottom:'s Black/White 3 Tier Floral Ruffle Skirt
Accessory: Guess by Marciano's Isla Textured Hoop Earrings
Flats: Aldo's Koten

All of the outfit collages above are created using the program offered by Polyvore.

[Random Musing] Summer Looks

by on Tuesday, July 23, 2013
I'd considered my summer style to be simple yet feminine and semi-colorful. I am actually not a huge fan of prints (anima...
For those who are new to the blog (helloooooooo), my previous layout was this [pictured below]. I got some feedback from friends and they liked the last design but found it to be too text-based.

So I have decided to revert back to the two-frames layout for easier navigation around the blog. The coloring is a lot more easier on the eyes now and the text is a lot darker. Thanks for reading and I hope that you'll enjoy your stay =)

[Minions Are Too Cute]

I wanted to watch Despicable Me 2 on opening night but the showing time that I wanted was sold out. So I saw it on Thursday night instead. If you liked the first movie then I don't think you will be disappointed with its sequel. The minions has a much larger role in Despicable Me 2 and they are just really cute and funny. 

Don't forget that all McDonald's in Canada are offering minions toys with their Happy Meal. If you don't want the meal, that's okay too. Cause you can buy the toy individually for $2.00 + tax.

[Site Updates] New Layout

by on Tuesday, July 09, 2013
For those who are new to the blog (helloooooooo), my previous layout was this [pictured below]. I got some feedback from friends and they l...