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About two weeks ago, a small group of foodies were invited to The Good Son for a #ZomatoMeetup. The meal was a Zomato x FoodismTO collaboration dinner to celebrate the Toronto launch of FoodismTO. Foodism is the largest food and drink magazine in London, UK, and Toronto marks their first international foray. The web version launched earlier this past November, and the free print magazine will be released sometime in the fall (likely September 2016). FoodismTO will follow the same format as its London publication, as it will be a free magazine (funded by ads) featuring high quality images and food-centric articles on Toronto's food scene. Additionally, President’s Choice’s PC Black Label Collection recently signed on to be Foodism's official launch partner, which is pretty exciting news for the publication.

They are celebrating their launch with an amazing contest where one winner will get the chance to dine at 12 top Toronto restaurants for a year - one meal for each month of the year for two. All you have to do is tweet them using the hashtag #TOMealsForAYear with the name of a favourite dish that you've had at a Toronto restaurant. More details at

The 12 participating restaurants are as followed:

Lisa Marie
Cafe Boulud
The Carbon Bar
The Good Son
The Chase
George Restaurant
Miss Thing's
The Windsor Arms
NAO Steakhouse

How To Enter

To enter you must complete all three stages of the competition:

1. Fill in your details below (we need to be able to get a hold of you!)
2. Show us some love and Follow @FoodismTO and @ZomatoCA
3. "Quote" the tweet below, telling us your favourite dish you've had at a Toronto restaurant...ever! Don't forget to include the hashtag #TOMealsForAYear

The Good Son is a neighborhood restaurant and bar in the Queen West area. The restaurant opened its door in 2014, and is headed by Chef Vittorio Colacitti of Top Chef Canada. Rather than focusing on one cuisine, Chef Vittorio Colacitti brought forth a multicultural menu that celebrates the city's
multiculturalism. The restaurant also focuses on using local and seasonal organic ingredients, and their menu changes seasonally.

Our dinner at The Good Son was a 7-course tasting menu prepared by Chef Vittorio Colacitti, and his team.
Some of the menu items were made specifically for the event, and are not on the current menu like the Double Duck Pizza.


[First Course] Sea Bream Crudo - tomatillo, apple, almond, avocado


 [Second Course] Steak Tartare - piquillo, frites


[Third Course] Dumpling Soup - scallop, ginger, miso 

The open kitchen boasts a large wood-fire oven that churns out delicious looking pizzas like the one we had at the event.

[Fourth Course] Double Duck Pizza - duck confit, foie gras, rapini, apples & balsamic

[Fifth Course] Grapefruit Sorbet - fresh grapefruit, chilli pepper, and basil

 [Sixth Course] Wood-Grilled Rib Eye Steak - pesto potato pavee pairing with a glass of Highway 101 Cellars California Zinfandel


[Seventh Course] Desserts - almonds brown butter cake with pear puree, cardamon gelato, apple crumble, chocolate hazelnut truffle, and black forest cake

Address: 1096 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J

Social Media:

Disclaimer: The food provided in this post was complimentary. However, all of the opinions expressed in this review are of my own.

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Zomato x Foodism at The Good Son

by on Monday, March 28, 2016
About two weeks ago, a small group of foodies were invited to The Good Son for a #ZomatoMeetup. The meal was a Zomato x FoodismTO collab...
&Company Resto Bar is a unique venue located in Mississauga; just steps away from Square One Shopping Centre. The restaurant was established in 2011, and has since become a local hot spot. &Company Resto Bar offers contemporary dinner service in the evening, and then slowly transitions into an entertainment venue at night. Their slogan is "Life's better when you're in good company". Coincidentally, I was invited to dine at &Company Resto Bar for both a Zomato Meetup, and to check out their revamped menu headed by a new Executive Chef in the same week. This blog reflects both of my visits to &Company Resto Bar.

First off, I am going to start with their revamped menu headed by their new Executive Chef Ron Stratton. He was hired in November 2014, and came with over 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry, as he has worked in several fine dining establishments all over Canada. He has revamped the menu to center on "fine familiar" cuisine. Basically, Executive Chef Ron Stratton is taking familiar and conventional dishes, and providing a more creative take on them using high quality ingredients.

J got the Caesar Medley ($13) - candied bacon, crisp egg, and grana padano tuile on a bed of romaine hearts with red wine vinegar dressing. The chef's take on the uncut bed of romaine lettuce was a refreshing take indeed, as I have never seen a Caesar salad served this way before. Although J was not too fond of having to cut his own lettuce, he did thoroughly enjoy the crisp egg, and the tangy red wine vinegar dressing.

For my appetizer, I went with the Crispy Thai Calamari ($15) - flash-fried calamari with pickled vegetable salad and green curry coconut veloute. Out of all the appetizers that I have tried at &Company Resto Bar, this was by far my favorite. I loved how light the green curry coconut veloute sauce was, as it wasn't overwhelming at all. Additionally, the calamari themselves were crispy without being overly oily or heavily fried.

 For my main, I opted for the Hickory Smoked Burger ($27) - 8 oz. AAA beef patty stuffed with hickory smoked mozzarella, topped with crisp bacon, sunny side egg, rustic tomato ketchup, and lemon aioli, "Fred's" brioche bun with a side of root chips and signature dip. The burger was priced higher than average, but it was a large and generously packed burger. I thought that the hickory smoked mozzarella, and lemon aioli, added great flavor to the burger. Overall, I was impressed with both the presentation and taste, as the 8 oz. AAA beef patty was thick, and juicy. As for the fries, I was expecting thinner cut ones, but the side of root chips had an interesting crunchy texture to it.


For J's main, he chose the USDA ($36) - in-house dry aged 10 oz. steak with Ontario goat cheese scalloped potatoes, ratatouille vegetables and veal jus.

We shared the dessert, Brownie Banana Split ($12) - dark chocolate brownie with a banana spring roll, seasonal berry compote, ice cream and sorbet. The first thought that came to mind was that it was beautifully presented. I liked that the chocolate brownie topped with seasonal berry compote wasn't overly sweet. Additionally, the well-wrapped banana spring roll was a nice touch to what is normally a standard dessert. Perfect treat for chocolate lovers.

A couple days prior to the revamped meal tasting (reviewed above), I was invited to a 7-course meal tasting for a Zomato Meetup. Please note that the meal was a tasting menu so the portions served were not full-sized items.

A small team of bloggers started off with the amuse bouche - in-house smoked Ontario pork, oven roasted tomato salsa, crisp lettuce, cilantro crema, and corn tortilla. The smoked pork was served on a crunchy corn tortilla, and complemented the flavors of the toppings well.

The next item that we tried was two pieces of Cheese Sticks - in-house smoked mozzarella, Challah crusted, Arrabbiata sauce, which is on their late night menu. This was the chef's take on a traditional snack, as they were lightly seasoned and breaded. Overall, the cheese sticks were nice and crunchy, and the perfect complement to the thick spicy sauce.

Our second course was a Slider - AAA beef patty topped with marinated bocconcini, "Fred's" brioche bun, rustic tomato ketchup, and lemon aioli; another item on their late night menu. I liked the slider a lot, so I was pleasantly pleased when I realized that their Hickory Smoked Burger was the large burger version of it. The beef patty was extremely tender, and the marinated bocconcini was a wonderful addition.

The third course was the Duck Confit Poutine - hand cut Russet chips topped with Brome Lake duck leg confit, marinated curds, Tarragon gravy and crisp onions. Since this was a tasting menu, this was not the full portion of the dish. Some of the people at the table were not too fond of the idea of ducks (images of dead ducks hanging from the windows in Chinatown resonates in their minds). However, I grew up eating a lot of duck meat, so I was very familiar with this type of meat. The poutine dressed with duck confit did not disappoint. The Tarragon gravy added great flavor to the dish without overpowering the curds or duck.

Our fourth course can be found on their starters menu. We tried a piece of their Jumbo Tempura Shrimp - lime tempura with seasonal vegetables, and rice wine vinegar. The tempura shrimp was pretty standard, but I did like that the shrimp that they used was indeed jumbo size.

We had a quick intermezzo, where we were served raspberry sorbet with candied lemon, as a palate cleanser.

Next up was the sixth course, where we were served Salmon Wellington - Chinook salmon filet with light puff pastry, sweet corn puree, and red wine jus. I cannot recall any recent restaurants that serve salmon en croûte on their menu, so this was a nice surprise. Furthermore, the lightly seasoned salmon was stuffed with spinach, and the puff pastry was perfectly browned.

Lastly, we ended the night off with Espresso Vanilla Beignets - nutmeg sugar dusted vanilla doughnuts with espresso creme anglaise. The deep-fried yet airy beignets were lightly dusted with nutmeg sugar making it a sweet treat. This was a great way to finish off a meal.

The full-service (with a bar) establishment is fully equipped to accommodate large parties as they also have a second floor. 

I was pleased with the attentive and friendly service that we got on both occasions. Our glasses of water were never empty, and dirty plates and utensils were quickly replaced. &Company Resto Bar is a great place to go for dinner with friends, and then dancing afterwards.

Thank you to Basel and &Company Resto Bar for the invitation, and warm hospitality. I had a wonderful evening as I enjoyed both the ambiance and food here at &Company Resto Bar.

Address:  295 Enfield Pl, Mississauga, ON, L5B 3E2


Disclaimer: The food provided in this post was complimentary. However, all of the opinions expressed in this review are of my own.

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&Company Resto Bar

by on Tuesday, March 24, 2015
&Company Resto Bar is a unique venue located in Mississauga; just steps away from Square One Shopping Centre. The restaurant was estab...
Zomato recently launched operations in Toronto earlier last week, and the app is now live. What is Zomato? It is an online restaurant discovery guide that has a great following in many cities in countries of India, Turkey, New Zealand, Portugal, United Kingdom, and many more. The Toronto section is their first venture into the North America market of food review apps. The service is available on both the web at and mobile (iPhone, Windows Phone, Android, or Blackberry). More information on the mobile apps can be found here.

The team behind the Toronto section of Zomato has taken the time to curate detailed information for over 11,000 restaurants in the GTA. Not only does it offer information on restaurants; it also allows users to create and build a personal network with other fellow foodies. They have incorporated various social features that allow interactions between users (such as follow people, like their reviews, comment on the reviews, upload pictures of the food, etc ...).

Zomato also has a section on the main page where it will suggest nearby restaurants that are based on specific categories such as steakhouses, gourmet pizza, or even pocket friendly.

All users and business owners have access to all restaurant information on Zomato. The information is updated by the Zomato team monthly to make sure that all information are up to date.

I downloaded the app from the Apple Store earlier this week, and tested it out myself. I found the app interface to clean and easy to access around the information. All information on each restaurant are clearly displayed with the address, the Geo-location, menu, reviews and photos uploaded by various users. The app also allows users to bookmark, check in, rate the restaurant or even check it off if you have been there before.

I am on Zomato, so if you'd like a newsfeed of my reviews on the app, then you can follow me at See you online :) 


Photo screenshots of the app are credited to Zomato.

[App/Tech] Zomato

by on Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Zomato recently launched operations in Toronto earlier last week, and the app is now live. What is Zomato? It is an online restaurant disco...