What will you do if everyone was born with Super Power, but you are the only one that wasn't? "I want to be human again..." Phoenix.
 Hypothetically, if I were to have any superhero powers ... I'd like the power of teleporting. That way, I can freely teleport myself to various restaurants around the city or even the world. Obviously, in reality this can never happen but in the comics world; anything is possible.

A friend of mine, Kai Hong Cheung, recently started a new comic venture with a buddy of his. The project is called Comic Phoenix 2014, and they are currently looking for funding to produce the 68 page black and white manga.

Mockup COVER

Humans, a race that has never been content with the privileges one possesses, never rest to try and surpass God. As a result, countless years of research and resources had been devoted to genetic engineering. This led the world to successfully create the next chain of evolution—inherit super powers at birth. Eventually, the number of super humans grew, leaving natural human beings to be extinct. Humans tried so hard to become something so great, but all they’ve done, is made themselves more inhumane.

Crime rates increased and greed in people's heart grew bigger as more and more people began to misuse their abilities. Ones with great power but twisted hearts gathered to enslave and threaten the weak. Years of disorders passed and those that could stand and fight rose to a war, known as "The War of Hope". As years went by, the world started to crumble. Both sides started to wither away. To salvage what was left the “Act of Settlement” was implemented. Academies were established to educate those with great power to maintain order, help control their power and preserve peace. However, as the world returns to its order, a dark force rises, to submerge the world in darkness again.

The story begins in "The Underground Lab" where Henry Emmerich, a genius researcher, attempts to reverse the effects of genetic mutations. His son, Frank Emmerich, possesses super human strength which is deemed dangerous by the Academies and is targeted by their elite forces. As a result, Henry and his partner, Lucifer, re-initiate the "Project Phoenix" to eliminate the seed of disaster their ancestors had once planted. As the story unfolds, what awaits Henry and his fatherly love attempt to untwist Frank's fate?


Character creation.
The underground lab concept art.
Kurenai concept art.
Frank Emmerich concept art.
Vol 1, Page 12.
Phoenix concept art/ poster.
Chapter 2 cover.
Chapter 1 cover - The underground lab.
If you're interested in the project, then please visit their Kickstarter @ https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1940786586/phoenix-volume-1 for more information.

"Phoenix" is a 68 page black and white manga. It is a comedy, action, tragedy, and elements of superpowers.

The collection edition features a 8.5 x 11 82 page art book that contains concept arts, sketches, and comics of the phoenix.

To Publish Vol.1 of "Phoenix" and the Collection Edition artwork of Phoenix.


All the funding received will go towards distribution, publishing and more importantly creating more high quality content. My passion and dreams is making comics. Phoenix is just the start of something bigger. It is a story that brings up unique themes among philosophical issues in a futuristic setting. I want to continue telling this story and with your help I can.


[Manga] Comic Phoenix 2014

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 What will you do if everyone was born with Super Power, but you are the only one that wasn't? "I want to be human again..."...
About: 635 College St has seen many name changes and owners throughout the years. Sashami Island opened under new management back in November 2011, and it is an AYCE. They also have an à la carte menu and it's 20% off if you pick-up.

Atmosphere/Decor: The interior and décor hasn't changed much despite the multiple changes of owners. I don't really see anything wrong with it as I have always liked the simplicity of the interior, and how its wooden booths provide privacy for diners.

Price: The last time that I went to eat with my bf and friends (late 2013); Sashimi Island had a three-tier pricing point. The prices are as followed; #1 is $13.99 (sushi rolls), #2 is $16.99 (sushi rolls and appetizers/hot plates food), and #3 is $19.99 (everything on the menu including sashimi).

 Menu: Their menu offers the standardize sushi, sashimi and other noodles, grilled, fried options, and desserts. The price that you pay also includes pop drinks. I'd have to say that they do offer a decent selection of sushi and sashimi on the menu. The place uses the old paper system where you'd check off the items (and the amount) that you want, and then you'd give it to one of the staff members.

Food: I have been to Sashimi Island on many occasions for dinner; usually whenever I am downtown and craving for some AYCE. I find that their food quality has been quite consistent throughout all of my visits, and I liked that the portions are well-rationed. Although there are a few misses; I liked a majority of the food that are offered here. Both of the salads (green/seaweed) were both refreshing starters and I liked the tanginess of the sauce used for the green salad. Both of the miso soup and edamame taste no different than from what you'd expect from an AYCE place. They offer a wide assortment of cooked foods which I really enjoyed. Some of my favorites were the fried scallops, beef teriyaki, fried calamari, beef ribs, and sushi pizza (salmon).

Two of my favorite cooked items were probably the calamari and beef (spicy) udon. The calamari arrived with five pieces for each order and it was lightly battered with not a lot of grease. The udon here is probably one of my favorites of all of the AYCE that I have tried in the GTA. The soup base was flavorful and the udon noodles had a nice chewy texture. Their chicken teriyaki was pretty decent but it wasn't amongst the stuff that I'd re-ordered. I liked that their shrimp tempura wasn't consumed in a batter of oil and the sauce was good. Lastly, they do offer a good variety of sushi, and maki rolls, and a few choices of sashimi. On some of my earlier visits; the sushi had quite a bit of rice in the maki rolls. However, as of late, the rice to fish ratio has been pretty good and the rice was seasoned nicely. The sashimi were thickly cut, but the fish had a good texture to them.

Service: I find that good service at AYCE can be sporadic sometimes. The reason why I like this establishment is due to its friendly and fast service. The green tea refilled was frequent and the servers have always been pleasant and quick to clear the empty dishes.

Note: The photos of the food were taken from my multiple visits. I love to eat but I can't eat this much food in one seating (wished I could though hehe).

This photograph of the desserts was taken on my very first visit. The restaurant no longer offers crème brûlée as a dessert choice. However, all of the ice-cream flavors (vanilla, chocolate, red bean, mango, and green tea) are still available.

Overall, this is a pretty solid AYCE on College Street. I have always had an enjoyable dining experience here, and will likely keep coming back. 


Quality of Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Overall Dining Experience: 4/5
Price: $$

Address: 635 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1B4

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Sashimi Island

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About: 635 College St has seen many name changes and owners throughout the years. Sashami Island opened under new management back in Novemb...
I first introduced Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse to my bf in late 2013, and he's been back twice for business meetings with his partners since then (without me in tow nonetheless -__-). So after some constant bugging from me; we're finally going to return for dinner sometime next month. So I am happy about that as I haven't had a good steak since returning to Toronto. I am no steak connoisseur but I do enjoy a delicious steak dinner once in a while.

Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse has a very sizable steak selection which are visibly displayed in a glass container at the front. The glass contains dry-aged beef with information tags on them (name, date, etc ...) for customers to choose from. We arrived for our dinner reservation at 8 pm, and was escorted quickly to our table for two. I find that atmosphere can either make or break a dinner, and I enjoyed the dinner here very much because of it. Its dimly lit dining room with soft music playing in the background provided a very intimate ambiance.

We started the night off with complimentary cheese popovers fresh from the oven. The pastry was perfect to start the evening off with as it was light and fluffy on the inside. It was served warm and the butter spread made the popovers taste even better.

Our waiter arrived and asked us for our choice of water and beverages. We ended up getting the
 Smeraldina sparkling water ($8.00) and as per usual two cups of Coke ($4 each).

As for an appetizer, I decided to order the Jacobs Caesar Salad ($15.00) which was prepared table side. Our server brought over the ingredients, and made the salad right in front of us. I originally thought that the portion was only enough for myself, but I was wrong. As there was more than enough to split between two people so the price tag wasn't bad at all.

Jacobs Caesar Salad (this plate was mine).

As for him, he chose four of the freshly shucked oysters (MP) as his starter.

As for the main dish of the night for me; I opted for the (N.S.W., Australia) Wagyu California Cut Striploin (8 oz) ($92.00). Honestly, the 8 oz was more than enough for me, and I really wanted dessert as well. Their steaks are all charbroiled at 1800 degrees and brought out in a cast iron pan. I ordered mine medium-rare, and it came out full of flavor. I loved it, and ate it all happily. 

One of the servers brought out a plate of raw dry-aged beef from Japan since my bf was having a hard time deciding. This was prior to our trip so I guess he just wanted something from Japan.

My boyfriend ended up getting the A5 Nagasaki Prefecture Ribeye ($170) and ordered it medium-rare. He loves steak more than I do!

We were given two plates containing various seasoning for our steaks (if you want more seasoning on it that is). I thought that the steak was already flavorful and juicy, and I didn't put too much additional seasoning on mine Anyways the selection for the first plate was chimichurri sauce (green), blue cheese/bacon sauce (white) and ponzu sauce (dark brown). The selection for the second plate was different kinds of salt; sea salt (white), volcano salt (black), and smoked sea salt (light tan).

I wanted some additional greens with my steak so we ordered green beans [brown butter, toasted almonds] to share ($13).

The dessert menu also changes daily, so this might be not available all of the time. Everything sounded quite sugary and delicious, but I ended up getting the vanilla cheesecake with strawberries ($12.00). The presentation was quite lovely, and the cheesecake was the perfect way to end the meal.

We asked for the bill, and were given two individually-wrapped chocolate muffin and cookies as a complimentary treat. We were both very full from our meal, so we saved the muffins for the next morning.

I had a fantastic dining experience at Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse, and loved every minute of it. Additionally, the staff are knowledgeable of the steak cuts, accommodating, and friendly to boot. Depending on what you order; it can get very pricy but it definitely warrants a visit for special occasions or if you just like steaks.


Quality of Food: 5/5
Service: 4.7/5
Overall Dining Experience: 5/5
Price: $$$$ || Online Menu
Address: 12 Brant St, Toronto, ON, M5V 2M1

Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse

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I first introduced Jacobs & Co. Steakhouse to my bf in late 2013, and he's been back twice for business meetings with his partners ...