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Credit: The photo to the left (of the interior of Korean Grill House) is from the restaurant's official website.

I absolutely love KBBQ, and Korean Grill House is the place that I’d go to whenever I am craving for some. The restaurant is super affordable, and it is a great place to go for a casual (late) dinner with friends.

On this one occasion, my friends and I went to watch The Dark Knight Rises (an awesome movie btw) on a Saturday night, and was starving when the movie ended a little after 10:00 pm. We decided to eat at Korean Grill House as they have a “night owl special” for a mere $9.99 per person after 10 pm (to close). The night owl special offers the same items as the lunch hours which are unlimited pork, beef, chicken, squid, and fish fillets. Another note is that unlimited pop is $2.50.

The concept is pretty basic as diners are giving tiny sheets of papers where they would mark down the numbers of meat dishes and bachan (bean sprouts, spicy bean sprouts, kimchi, tofu, and radishes) that they want, and the servers would bring them out, and you'd cook your food. Yes, you've read right. You're paying money to cook your own meat :)

Pork - hefty slices and very sweet marinade.
Beef - thinly sliced pieces of beef, tender, and cooks quickly; was not bad at all.

Chicken - my absolute favorite; it was well marinated as it had great flavor and cooks quickly.
Squid - I didn’t like it that much as I found it too chewy and bland.
Fish fillets - the fish tasted decent but watch the grill as it burns too easily.


Quality of Food: 3.7/5
Service: 3/5
Dining Experience: 3.5/5
Price: $ (night owl special)

Address: 214 Queen St W, Toronto, ON, M5V 1Z2

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I have also been to the location located on Highway #7 in Markham, ON. It's situated in a pretty popular plaza with tons of food choices. I'd say that this particular location was a lot more spacious compared to the downtown one. I have been here about 4-5 times, and food quality and service has been pretty consistent. The last time that I did eat here, there was a mandatory 12% service charge, which was fine.

Korean Grill House on Urbanspoon

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