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JOEY restaurant is a casual-fine dining chain that has many locations throughout Canada. It is actually my favorite chain restaurants in Toronto due to the consistency of their food, ambiance and service. There is a total of three locations in Ontario; Shops at Don Mills, Eaton Centre and Yorkdale. The following review will be based on my experiences at JOEY Don Mills as I frequent this location the most out of the three. 

The ambiance of JOEY Don Mills is rather upscale and modern. The wooden interior and displayed television screens on the walls provide a very lounge-like atmosphere, where diners can have a relaxing dinner over drinks. I believe that that the Don Mills location is slightly larger than the other two locations.

My personal favorite item on the menu would be the lobster grilled cheese ($16.50). It was described on the menu as "from the Atlantic, brie & cheddar with cocktail sauce". The combination of the two was perfect as the cheese was cheesy/rich, bread was buttery and the lobster had a nice creamy and salty flavor. I have ordered this several times whenever I eat out at JOEY as it's a personal favorite of mine.

On another visit, I decided to order the Steak and Sushi ($24.00); another interesting fusion item on the menu. I ordered my tataki style steak medium-rare, and it was pretty good and tender. The rainbow roll (ahi tuna, sockeye salmon, crab,avocado & sriracha aioli) was both visually appealing, and rather tasty. The topped spicy mayo provided a nice kick but I thought that the rice was slightly too wet.

I am not a huge steak lover as I prefer seafood a lot more. However, I do like steak once in a while, and on one occasion, I got myself the 7oz Cab Top Sirloin ($23.50). The dish was accompanied by crispy mashed potatoes and vegetables. The sirloin was cooked perfectly medium rare and was seasoned well. It was rather creative that the mashed potatoes were wrapped in deep fried spring rolls, providing a very crunchy yet satisfying smooth texture. Additionally,  I liked that the sirloin wasn't overloaded with spices and seasonings. 

Burgers and fries are often staple items that can be found at many restaurant chains, and JOEY is no different. JOEY Don Mills has a small selection of burgers on the menu and the meat patties are hand-pressed. The hand pressed burger ($13.50) was decent but it's nothing to write home about.

Overall, I have always had an enjoyable experience at JOEY, as the waitresses are professional and friendly without being overly intrusive. This is a good place for eating out with friends, family or even take someone on a date.


Quality of Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Overall Dining Experience: 4/5
Price: $$$ || Online Menu

Address: 15 O'Neill Rd, Toronto, ON, M3C 0H2

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