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Spring Rolls

by - December 03, 2013

A friend and I went shopping at Eaton's Center, and decided to grab a quick bite at Spring Rolls. We opted for their lunch AYCE as there was an assortment of items on the menu. It's not the best AYCE but it's adequate enough for a quick and casual lunch. Spring Rolls is a well known pan-Asian franchise as they have several locations across Toronto, and one in Mississauga.

You can either order off their menu (à la carte) or go for their AYCE if you want a wider selection of dishes. The AYCE menu is priced at $14.99 (lunch), $22.99 (weekday/dinner) or $24.99 (Fri-Sun/dinner).

The following pictures are only of the items that I personally ordered and ate.

The chicken tom yum soup had a decent sour taste, but there were very few pieces of chicken in the soup.

The seaweed salad was pretty good.

The beef teriyaki was a Westernized version of the dish, and lacked flavor.

 The pad thai had an unnatural red tint to it, which was probably due to the large amount of ketchup that was used. I also ordered it spicy but they gave me one that was very sweet.

The spring rolls was enjoyable as it was both cripsy and hot on the inside.

The menu does have a fairly large selection of rolls, hand rolls, and sushi for lunch. A lot of people have complained online that the fish isn't of the high quality. All I can say is this should be expected as it's an AYCE offering pan-Asian/westernized dishes, and they don't specialize in sushi. Due to this, I found that the fish to rice ratio was very imbalanced. There was a lot of a rice tightly packed in the rolls compared to the amount of fish that you get.The sushi itself is edible but if I were to be craving sushi, then this place wouldn't be on the top of my list.

 Even though the food was either a hit or a miss; I did like the service that we got. My friend and I were quickly seated, and our waitress was friendly, patient, and quick to assist us throughout our lunch.


Quality of Food: 3/5
Service: 4.3/5
Overall Dining Experience: 3/5
Price: $$ || Online Menu

Address: 40 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M7A2C7

Spring Rolls on Urbanspoon

Spring Rolls on Urbanspoon

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