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Sandi is the creator behind the food and lifestyle blog, Foodaholic! Launched in 2014 and based in Toronto, ON, the blog is a destination for all things food, travel inspiration, and wellness advice. Sandi started the blog as she had a strong desire to share her passion and life experiences with people. 

Sandi attended the Univesity of Toronto (St. George campus) and graduated with a Major in Criminology and Minor in History/Women's Studies. Soon after graduation, she received a job in the Law Enforcement Industry and worked in that industry full-time until 2017. That year, she quit working full-time to fully embrace being an entrepreneur. Her husband started his own print/marketing company in 2015. Luckily, the company grew, which allowed them to start a second business. This time - a logistics/shipping company, which Sandi took charge of getting it off the ground. It has now been 3 years, and she has now fully embraced entrepreneurship.

As for Foodaholic! The blog is a hobby of Sandi, and she uses it for therapeutic purposes. 

Working hard is important to achieve your dreams, but sometimes it's also necessary to take some time off to relax so that you're not overworked. During Sandi's time off, she likes to travel the world with J - in search of food, meeting locals, enjoy nature, and just relax. She also enjoys being a tourist in her own country and has visited several landmarks in Canada as well. You will find several travel posts from food to hotel reviews on Foodaholic! In her spare time, she enjoys watching documentaries, catching up on TV shows, and designing websites. 

What Is The Blog About? 

Foodaholic! aims to provide readers with inspiring and travel content along with a glimpse into life living in Toronto, ON. The blog has a strong focus on dining out, travel guides, and living a positive lifestyle.

J.J is a full-time entrepreneur running three companies; print/marketing, vintage art, and logistics. He's also an avid day-trader. J.J occasionally helps out with the photography, and guest posting on Foodaholic.