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ClassPass is a fitness subscription service that gets you "unlimited monthly classes at the best fitness studios" and gyms in the Toronto, Mississauga and Midtown areas for $99 a month. You can read my introductory post on ClassPass here. There are over 80+ gyms and studios in the ClassPass Toronto network, so there's something for everyone. I love food, but I have always disregarded the need to workout. However, I was presented with an opportunity to try ClassPass (complimentary for one month) when it first launched in March 2015. I tried a few classes, and I really enjoyed the flexibility of the service, and I definitely felt more energized. I liked it so much that I renewed my ClassPass subscription, and I am now paying for the monthly subscription.


- There are over 80 studios participating with ClassPass, so there are a variety of workouts to choose from.
- You can take an unlimited total number of classes per month.
- Perfect for those who like trying new things (yoga, barre, dance, pole dancing, Pilates, etc ...).
- There is no long contract. It's a monthly fitness subscription service, so you pay month to month.
- It's cost-effective if you work out at least 5-6 times a month. I'd say that ClassPass is cheaper than several monthly studio fees as most are upward of nearly $99 as well.
- The flexibility as there are early morning classes (before work) to late evening ones (after work) too.
- The online reservation system is very user friendly. The search function allows you to search through their database based on the date/time, location, studio, and the type of workouts.
- If you live downtown, there are plenty of studios in the core areas.
- You can make reservations for classes up to 7 days in advance. 
- Email reminders when you sign up for a class, and when the class is near. 


    - There is a 12 hour cancellation policy, or else you will be charge an additional $15 if you cancel later than the required time.
    - You are limited to 3 visits per studio per month. It's not so bad though, as there are plenty of other studios to choose from.
    - If you're loyal to one particular studio, then this is definitely not for you.

    You can sign up now here.


    Hard Candy Fitness @ 382 Yonge St, Toronto, ON


    About: Hard Candy Fitness is a "global luxury fitness brand" created by pop star, Madonna. The 42,000 sq. ft. facility has the largest cycling facility in Toronto with stadium seating, surround sound system and one of a kind Spinner Blade Cycles.
    Class: For the ClassPass launch, bloggers were invited to try out the Hardrive class - drive longer and harder by adding high-intensity loading on the bike to burn maximum calories. The class is a 60 minute workout on the Spinner Blade Cycles bikes, and it was a lot more intense than I anticipated. As this was my first time working out in a while, I found cycling rather difficult. I definitely struggled to keep up with other fitness bloggers, and I don't think I maintained the proper form on the bike.

    Price: Membership at the studio/gym is $99 a month with a $69 enrollment fee, and a day pass costs $50.


    Yogaspace @ 148 Ossington Ave, Toronto, ON

    About: Yogaspace is a lovely small yoga studio in the heart of Toronto's Trinity Bellwoods neighborhood. It's very easily accessible by both foot if you live downtown, and by TTC.

    Class: I took the Classical Hatha (All Levels) class which works with active and restorative modes of Hatha Yoga practice. This was a long class, as it took 1.5 hours to complete. The class aims to strengthen the body, and promote a level of both calmness and meditative state of mind. I thought that the yoga teacher for the class was very friendly, and helpful.

    Studio Cost: A single class is $20, 5 class pass is $90, and 1 month unlimited class is $150.


    Misfit Studio @ 761 Queen St W Toronto, ON

    About: Misfit Studio is a Pilates studio, but they do offer a few yoga classes on their roster as well.

    Class: My class with Misfit Studio was appropriately called Spring Equinox, as it occurred on the first day of Spring 2015. The class was co-taught by Amber (owner) & Bryonie, and was accompanied by live music which provided a very relaxing atmosphere.The studio is located on the third floor of a renovated church, and it was both large and bright. The class wasn't exactly for beginners, as it flowed along pretty quickly.

    Studio Cost: Drop-ins are $20, 5 class pack is $95, and 1 month unlimited class is $175.


    Barreworks @ 625 Queen St W, Toronto, ON

    About: Barreworks is a fitness studio that is dedicated to barre based workouts. They are committed to developing effective workouts that help to develop long, and lean muscles.

    Class: I decided to opt out of the beginners class, and took the Barreworks Mixed Level instead. I am glad that I did as I had an intense and amazing workout. I realized just how effective barre was when it comes to working out areas such as my stomach, legs, and arms. The 1-hour class used resistance bands, weighted balls and the barre. Overall, I thought that the class was a little fast paced, but it was a great workout. I also returned to Barreworks last week to take their bAAArre class. This class is designed for maximum sculpting and chiseling. It's a lot more fast-paced than the mixed level one, but it's still considered as a reduced cardio/non-impact workout. Both certified instructors for the classes were friendly, and energetic which created a fun atmosphere.

    Studio Cost: A single class is $21, 5 class is $95, and 1 month unlimited is $199. 


    MuseMovement @ 180 Shaw St #204, Toronto, ON

    About: MuseMovement Studio is a studio on the second floor of Artscape Youngplace building. The studio itself is an open concept one, and it was just a very clean and bright space with natural light.

    Class: I took the Pilates Deep class which is an hour class that focuses on breathing, control, and precision in movement to work the smaller muscle groups of the body. The class was an intimate one with about 9-10 students which allowed the teacher to walk around, and give correction to those who were doing the postures incorrectly (like myself). I also liked that they provide loaner mats, so that students don't have to lug theirs to/from class.

    Studio Cost: Drop in is $18, intro month mat membership is $45, and monthly mat membership is $155. 


    YogaTree @ 140 Spadina Ave #201, Toronto, ON

     About: YogaTree is a popular fitness chain with 5 studios across the Greater Toronto Area. The dressing room is large and equipped with a self-combination system which is always awesome.

    Class:  I actually took two classes at the studio, Ashtanga L1, and Reduced Heat L1. Ashtanga Level 1 is a class where we were taught the teaching of Ashtanga, which involves synchronizing the breath and movement. The Reduced Heat L1 class is very similar to hot yoga, but the temperature is set to 28 degrees. This is 10 degrees lower than hot yoga, and helps to prepare for the much hotter classes.

    Studio Cost: 1 class is $17.70, 10 classes are $150, 30 days unlimited yoga intro package (new students only) is $40, the auto-renew monthly unlimited is $99, and one month unlimited is $160.  


    Moksha Yoga Downtown @ 577 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON

    About: Moksha is a yoga studio in the heart of downtown Toronto. All of their classes are rooted in the Moksha Yoga series.

    Class: I took an early morning Pilates class. Pilates is "a system of controlled exercises that engage the mind and condition the total body". To be honest, I had a little bit of difficulty keeping up, as the transition of the poses were pretty quick. However, I liked that the teacher made an effort to walk around the class to help correct our posture.

    Studio Price: Single class is $18, introductory 30 days (first visit only) is $40, basic monthly unlimited is $95, 10 class card is $150.


    Barre3 Toronto @ 325 King St W #201, Toronto, ON

    About: Barre3 is a studio that mixes movements of ballet barre with both yoga and Pilates. The studio was bright and large, and the washroom was stocked with complimentary clean towels, soap, and even dry (hair) shampoo.

    Class: The class that I took at Barre3 was a high impact workout called barre3. I would have to say that I enjoyed the total-body workout that this class provided, as it was designed to burn fat, and build muscle. They also offer a variety of classes, from beginner to advanced.

    Studio Cost: Single class is $20, unlimited month (one time only/new client) is $99, and unlimited classes (1 month) is $190. 

    Disclaimer:  I was offered an one month complimentary trial of ClassPass where I took the first 4 classes. However, all of the opinions expressed in this blog post are of my own.
    ClassPass is officially here in Toronto! It is a fitness subscription service that gets you "unlimited monthly classes at the best fitness studios and gyms in Toronto. With just one monthly subscription you can work out at Studio Lagree, Track Fitness, Barreworks, Quad Spinning, Hard Candy Fitness, IAM Yoga, Body Harmonics, Barre3, Yoga Tree, Spynga, Core Studio, and over 80 others all over the city!" for a low price of $99 per month. - (source: ClassPass)

    You can sign up now here.

    However, to celebrate their launch in Toronto, they're offering ClassPass subscriptions at the special launch price of $89 CAD per month! This special offer (reduced from the standard price of $99 CAD) is limited-time only for first users in Toronto. SPECIAL LAUNCH PRICE EXPIRED!

     For an affordable price of $99 per month, you will have access to over 80 studios and gyms in the ClassPass network all throughout Toronto. The great thing about ClassPass is that you're not limited to just one studio, you can attend as many as you like on a monthly basis, and change your workout routines around. For example, you can take a spin class on Monday, bootcamp on Wednesday, yoga on Friday, and then a barre class on Sunday. The only limit to the subscription is that you can only visit the same studio up to three times per month, but that shouldn't be a set back at all. There are several other nearby studios offering classes that you can attend and try out.

    There are no year (long) commitments when it comes to ClassPass, as you can cancel anytime. Be sure to notify them before the month is up though, as there is auto renewal each month. The membership is renewed monthly, but you do have the option to put it on hold (for $19 per month) in case you want to pause the membership (illness, vacation, school, etc ...).

    If you register for a class, but can't make it for whatever reasons, then all "cancellations must be made at least 12 hours before a class starts" (source: ClassPass). Late cancellation will result in a $15 cancellation fee, and a loss of a class credit for that specific studio.

    Additionally, I found their website to be very easy to use, and I liked the user-friendly interface. You can use both the web version or iPhone app to search, view, book and cancel classes. Download the app here (the Canadian version is coming soon).

    I currently have two classes lined up, and this information would be available under the "upcoming" tab at the top.

    The Launch Party:

     I was invited to attend their launch party last night at Hard Candy Fitness. I was met by a few of the friendly ladies from ClassPass, and a handful of fitness/health bloggers in Toronto. All were ready to work out a sweat with the one hour complimentary spin class. It was my very first spin class, so I really didn't know what to expect. The class was very energetic (with top 40 songs playing), and I felt really invigorated afterwards. Many thanks to Jessica from ClassPass for giving me the opportunity to check out some of the classes within the ClassPass network this month. I am not a fitness enthusiast, but I still do want to maintain a somewhat healthier lifestyle considering my eating habits as a food blogger. I have been delaying working out since I have been busy and the extremely poor weather didn't help. However, I hope to start it up, and share my personal experience of the program with you all. I will also be updating on Instagram, so you can follow my workout journey at

    Click to sign up to ClassPass :)

    Did you know that Madonna has a partnership in a gym? She partnered up with her manager Guy Oseary and the founder and CEO of 24 Hour Fitness, Mark Mastrov. Hard Candy Fitness has locations worldwide, and there's one in Toronto (located walking distance from the Eaton's Center). Hard Candy Fitness is one of the participating studios in the ClassPass network.

     After the complimentary one hour spin class at Hard Candy Fitness, we were treated to sample cold pressed juices from ELXR Juice Lab. They are a company that provides "healthy alternatives to conventional food products with cold pressed juices, protein-dense seed mylks, and booster shots." -
    (source: ELXR)

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    Thank you so much ClassPass for a great night!

    Disclaimer: The service provided in this post was complimentary courtesy of ClassPass. However, all of the opinions expressed in this blog post are of my own.

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    ClassPass is officially here in Toronto! It is a fitness subscription service that gets you "unlimited monthly classes at the best ...