House of Gourmet

House of Gourmet is a moderately priced Chinese restaurant located in Chinatown (Toronto, ON). It's actually one of my favorite Chinese restaurants due to their prices, consistency in the service and food, and the portions are filling. 

I went for dinner with two friends about 2 weeks ago at House of Gourmet as they were craving for some Chinese cuisine. The three of us were promptly seated and given the menus. The menu itself offers a wide variety of different dishes.

We ordered off of the combination menu (which was provided alongside the regular menu. The combo meal that we got was a lobster dish with three other dishes for $59.99, which is pretty good. The three additional dishes that we chose were seafood in a bird's nest, ribs, and fried pork chops. The items aren't limited to just those three choices, as there is a list of at least 10 items that you can choose to have along with the lobster dish.

The seafood in a bird's nest was nicely presented. Although, I think there was a lot more veggies on the bottom compared to the amounts of seafood that we actually got (on top). Overall, it was a pretty good dish.


The ribs were pretty sweet but tender. The only thing that I really didn't like about this dish was the amount of sauce, it was just a little too much.

If you like lobsters but don't want to order off the combination menu, there is a special deal where you can get 2 lobsters with ginger & green onion for $26.99. This is one of my favorite dishes at this place, which I always enjoy.


Quality of Food: 3/5
Service: 4/5
Overall Dining Experience: 3.7/5
Price: $

Address: 484 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON, M5T 1H1

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