Momofuku Milk Bar

The opening of the Momofuku Milk Bar was very much hyped this summer. It's a popular bakery spot in New York City, and the baked goods are now available for consumptions in Toronto. I finally got a chance to stop by to get their infamous "crack pie" and cookies this week, and I am completely sold on it.

Rather than a full-on bakery, the baked goods are stored in a refrigerated 12.5 x 6 foot cube on the second floor of the Momofuku building. Inside you will find a small selection of their best sellers from NYC which include cookies (blueberry & cream, compost cookie,
corn, and cornflake marshmallow), crack pie (slice or whole) and b-day truffles. Additionally, there are also baking mixes, cookbooks, pins and t shirts available for purchases as well.

There are various pink and metal bins that carry prepackaged crack pie and cookies on
the left side of the cube (when walking in) and merchandises are on the right.

After looking around, I decided to get the corn cookie ($2.00), compost cookie ($2.00) and a slice of crack pie ($6.00). If you love the crack pie, then there's an 10-inch crack pie for $48.00. 


The two cookies have chewy and soft textures which I really liked. 

The corn cookie contains sugar, butter, unbleached wheat flour, corn flour, corn powder, and eggs. 

The compost cookie contains a mixture of various ingredients including butter, unbleached wheat flour, sugar, brown sugar, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, graham crumbs, potato chips, eggs, milk powder, cream, and coffee grounds ... hence its appropriately titled name. 


Looking at the package, the main ingredients used to make the crack pies are butter, sugar, brown sugar, cream, egg yolks, oat and wheat flour. So based on the ingredients only, I knew that it'd be really sweet which I didn't mind as I have a huge sweet tooth.

 The sweet and buttery confection that is the "crack pie" was everything that I had hoped for and more. The pastry itself was chilled, sweet, and had a nice gooey texture that I enjoyed. The toasted crust provided a nice crunch which went well with the soft filling.


Quality of Food: 4.4/5
Service: N/A
Overall Dining Experience: N/A
Price: $$$ || Online Menu

Address: 190 University Ave (second floor), Toronto, ON, M5H 0A3

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