[Japan] Heiroku Sushi

Date: Thursday, December 12, 2013 
Meal: Lunch
Location in Japan: Harajuku (Tokyo)

If you happened to be in the Omotesando-Harajuku area; you should check out a pretty popular chain called Heiroku Sushi. It's a conveyor belt sushi restaurant located nearby Meiji Jingu Shrine and Omotesando Hills. They also have some English-speaking staff so this is a great place for tourists.

Conveyor belt sushi (kaiten-zushi) are very popular in Japan. It is a sushi restaurant where plates of sushi and other miscellaneous appetizers are placed onto a rotating belt, and they would go around the conveyor belt. Customers can either select whichever plates on the sushi train belt they want or place a special order with the chefs. Many places have specific prices for different colored plates, and at the end of the meal, the servers would count the number of plates.

 The pricing are as followed: ¥130, ¥160, ¥220, ¥280, and ¥ 480.

Our cheap lunch for two didn't turn out to be so cheap as we spent  ¥6781 ($70 CAD). I guess it's because we took a couple of the higher priced plates and ordered a few items from their a la-carte menu.

Address: 5-8-5 Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Website: http://www.heiroku.jp 
Hours: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm; everyday
Transit: Omote-sando (C-04, G-02, Z-02) or Meiji-Jingūmae Station (C-03, F-15)

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