Ichimoto Japanese Restaurant

 Ichimoto is another AYCE in the Richmond Hill area that I have tried in the past two years. It's located in a plaza, so there are plenty of free parking spaces if you decided to drive up there. I am no stranger to the concept of AYCE sushi, as I have been to a few around the cities. At times, I do like the idea of eating a variety of different dishes instead of opting for simply a bento box.

Prior to this visit, I have never eaten at Ichimoto before, but my brother was a repeat customer. He insisted that they were pretty consistent with their food, and treated me for my birthday. The weekend price was pretty on par with other AYCE establishments, as it was $21.99.

Quite a few people online have complained about their small portions, which I don't understand. It's an AYCE, so you have the option to order more if you're still hungry, and wanting more. I on the other hand like the idea of smaller portions as it allows myself to try out different items on the menu.
The overall food selection was pretty good as they have a little bit of everything; appetizers, cooked dishes, hand rolls, sashimi, sushi, and desserts. They had a decent selection of rolls, and the rice in these rolls wasn't too abundant or tasteless. I really liked their sushi pizza, and fully enjoyed the spicy mayo that they used to topped off the rice patty. Most of their cooked food was solid, and I liked that the cuts of the salmon sashimi had a good texture to it. 
As for service, I believe that they do have a 2 hour seating limit. However, we didn't feel rushed by any of the wait staff at all. Although they weren't very talkative, they did promptly clear our plates and refilled our glasses of water and coke throughout the meal which is always a plus. Overall, I thought that Ichimoto was a pretty solid AYCE in terms of what you pay for.

Address: 360 Hwy 7, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1B1

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