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by - June 17, 2015

The combination of both honey and water has been used for thousands of years as a traditional health beverage around the world. Not only is it a refreshing beverage, but it also provides many health benefits. HoneyWater® reached out to me a couple of months back in regards to the upcoming launch of their products. They are a local company based in Toronto that has plans to launch a new line of healthy beverages called “HoneyWater®”.  HoneyWater® plans to officially launch this August 2015, and will be in 3000 locations Canada-wide.

The company hopes to appeal to consumers who are looking for a naturally sweetened product, or at least a healthier alternative to sugary drinks. These days, many consumers are making more health-conscious decisions on the products that they purchase and consume.  As a consumer myself, I find myself much more aware of the products that I buy these days.

I met up with the founder of HoneyWater®, Christopher Kotz, about 2 weeks ago to learn more about the products. Chris stated that the combination of honey & water is normally the first choice for a natural sweetened drink for many people. Honey is one of the the oldest foods we know of, and the natural sugars that it does contain are easily digestible. According to Chris, the company wants to revolutionize naturally sweetened beverages around North America, and the world. He brought samples of the two products from HoneyWater's upcoming line, Honey & Lemon, and Honey & Mint for me to sample that day. Both products are made in Canada with 100% natural ingredients, and no refined sugar. Both drinks were refreshing, but I preferred the Honey & Mint more out of the two.

HoneyWater® aims to provide a refreshing beverage that has 100% natural ingredients, and no artificial flavors. The drink does not contain any refined sugars and is sweetened with Canada's highest quality honey. Speaking of honey, HoneyWater® was also founded on the principle of creating awareness for the decline of the honey bee colonies. According to the company’s official website, there has been an estimated loss of 30-50% of bees each year for the past decade. Several factors have contributed to the steady decline of the honey bee colonies yearly, and one of them is the growing usage of pesticides. For those who may not be aware, our agricultural crops are highly dependent on honey bees, and this growing problem will greatly affect us in the long-run.

The company’s goal is to raise awareness of the problem, and save the bees. Thus, they have developed a “buy a bottle, save a bee” program, where a portion of the sales of the beverages will go directly towards initiatives to help save the bees. HoneyWater® has also partnered up with several initiatives, beekeepers and honey farms such as Toronto Bee Rescue, Canadian Honey Council, Pollinator Partnership and Munro Honey to help combat the problem. Fundamentally, one of the ultimate goals is to provide the resources to initiatives that are working to preserve the honey bee colonies around the world.

For more information on HoneyWater® and their products, you can visit their official website at

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