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[Launch Event] McDonald's Mighty Angus

by - September 09, 2015

Did you know that the very first item on the McDonald's menu in 1967 was a hamburger? Since then, McDonald's has added several burgers that have become permanent fixtures on their menu. Back in August, I was invited to attend their Mighty Angus Open Kitchen Flavour Session, where guests (bloggers and media) were introduced to the all-new Mighty Angus burger. This was the first new premium burger that McDonald's has added to their permanent menu since 2012. The launch event was held at McDonald's Canada's corporate head office, and guests were given the opportunity to tour the kitchen, and watch the process behind making the new premium burger. I thought that the overall kitchen tour was both interactive, and informative.

 The Mighty Angus burger is made with juicy, tender cuts of 100% Angus beef that are locally sourced from Canadian farms. It's served on a sesame and poppy seed bun, and topped with a smoky Angus sauce, hickory smoked bacon pieces, crisp leaf lettuce, tomato, processed cheddar cheese, and grilled onions. The Mighty Angus is now available in stores, and costs $6.40 for the premium sandwich, and is also available as a part of an Extra Value Meal. Based on its good size and quality, I'd say that this was appropriately priced for a premium sandwich.

 In regards to the 100% Angus beef, I think it's great that McDonald's uses beef that are locally sourced from Canadian farms. By doing so, they have shown that they are placing a priority on buying Canadian 100% Angus beef, and not outsourcing outside of Canada. This way, they are supporting the Canadian economies and taking great pride in working with local farmers to ensure quality products. McDonald's have also taken an extra step in ensuring that the beef is always up to standard, as there would always be a representative from the Canadian Beef Grading Agency present every time McDonald's make Angus patties to verify that they're 100% Angus beef. 

After completing the kitchen tours, we were treated to the new Mighty Angus, which I quite enjoyed. Three things stood out to me; the sesame and poppy seed bun, smokey flavor of the chopped bacon bits, and lastly, the smoky angus aioli. Visually, the combination of the sesame and poppy seed added to the overall pleasant aesthetic. Additionally, instead of bacon strips, McDonald's has opted to use Hickory smoked bacon pieces. This allows the natural smoky flavor of the bacon to seep through, and just complement the overall burger. Lastly, the smoky angus aioli stood out to me, as it had a nice sweet yet light smoky flavor to it, which I don't find on a lot of burgers in Canada. Overall, this was a welcome addition to the McDonald's permanent menu line, and I will return for one.

McDonald's Mighty Angus is now available at participating McDonald's locations in Canada, so drop by soon to try one.

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Disclaimer: The food provided in this post was complimentary. However, all of the opinions expressed in this review are of my own.

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