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[Interview] Shlomo Buchler (co-founder & owner of Maker Pizza)

by - February 12, 2016


What sets Maker Pizza apart from all the other local pizzerias and restaurants? Our process. From beginning to end. Dough to final bake. Every step requires a laser-like focus. Right down to the finishings.

Do you feel that the combination of toppings that you offer are unique? Yes. Very unique. We offer harmonious flavour  combinations that grab your attention and jolt your tastebuds. The creative mind of Matty Matheson is a beautiful thing.

My favorite crust is the sesame crust. How did you come with that idea? It’s brilliant! That was Matty's idea. And it works exceptionally well with our dough. Something great to look forward to at the end of every slice. 

What inspired the menu at Maker Pizza? Delivery pizza especially has become so redundant. A pizza delivery chain adds Soppressata or thin crust to its menu and that's considered breaking the mold. Our goal was to create a menu that would obliterate the mold. And we have. The Maker menu has something special for every pizza lover.

Are there any future plans in expanding the menu further? Yes. Next week, in fact, we will be adding three new pizzas and one new salad to the menu. We are also making some minor changes to some of our existing menu items. We always strive to be better. There will probably never be Maker menu that is set in stone.

What’s your favorite pizza on the menu? The Siena Margherita. It showcases our dough and sauce. It is the Maker blueprint. Everything starts and ends with the Siena Margherita.

What was the biggest challenge that you faced when creating the pizza menu? Bar none, the biggest challenge was the dough. The goal for Maker from day one was to create a hybrid pizza that is a cross between a delivery pizza baked in an electric oven and a gourmet pizza baked in a wood burning oven. Creating a woodburning texture on what is truly a delivery style pizza.

I have quite a few friends who are home cooks, and they inspired to be in the food industry. What advice would you give to home chefs who are inspired by your style, and your cooking? I'm not a cook by any stretch of the imagination. But if you're passionate about what you're doing, do it more often. Inspiration can come from anything. A classic film. A beautifully crafted cup of coffee. Or a perfectly prepared Maker pizza.

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