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[Japan] Daily Chico

by - January 09, 2017

I ate a lot of ice-cream during my recent trip to Japan this past December 2016. One of the stand-out ones was the ice-cream from Daily Chico due to its massive size (taste was not bad, but not the greatest). 

Located in the basement level of Nakano Broadway is a small ice-cream shop called Daily Chico. The shop is very unassuming, so you may miss it, but it's closed to a supermarket. They sell a variety of soft serve cones, but one of the options is this amazing 8 layers of soft serve for a mere ¥490 ($5.60). The flavors were strawberry, coffee, matcha, ramune, lemon, grape, chocolate, and vanilla. I was surprised to find that all of the flavors complimented one another, and I liked it - gimmick and all. 

The extra-large cone is big enough for two people to share, and they do give a spoon for you to eat with. It's best to scoop all of the layers from the bottom up. The ice-cream may topple if you don't stand it straight, and the shop will not replace it if you do drop it. 


Item: 8 layers soft serve cone
Price: ¥490
Address: 5-52-15, B1F Nakano Broadway, Nakano, Tokyo, Japan
Transportation: 5-10 minutes walk from Nakano Station

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