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[Travel] Stockholm Travel Guide (Sweden)

by - May 14, 2018

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, and we visited it earlier in 2017 for a 10 days vacation. The trip to Stockholm was a spontaneous booking, and we had no prior plans to visit the city. While there, we also flew to Venice, Italy for a 3 day trip as well. I absolutely love how cheap air travel is within Europe. While the flight itself was cheap, Stockholm was an incredibly expensive (up until we visited Iceland in November that same year) place to visit.

Stockholm is not a budget friendly destination, as the standard of living is exceptionally higher than North America. We weren't in complete shock of the prices there, as I did meticulous research before our travels so I was expecting it.

How many days should I stay in Stockholm? I would recommend at least 4-5 days to get the most out of Stockholm.

Sim Card - Sweden is known for being very expensive, but the local SIM cards were super affordable. We got a 5 gigabyte sim from Comviq for only $15 CAD.

Credit Cards - Cash is not King in Stockholm! We never bothered to convert our USD dollars (we always convert USD on our trips, never Canadian) into Swedish krona as Sweden is a cashless society. A large majority of shops and restaurants take credit card, so there was no point in using cash at all. Even the hot dog stands take credit cards.  

Transportation - The quickest way into town from the airport is by taking the Arlanda Express. It took 20 minutes to reach Stockholm Central station (280 SEK, $41.51). Stockholm is quite easy to explore on foot, but they do have comprehensive subway and bus routes. If you're taking public transportation, then I highly recommend that you get a SL Access card. The card costs 20 SEK, and you keep refilling it with money on it.

Taxi - We took a taxi to dinner one night (after a long day at one of the archipelago islands), and the fare ended up being pretty high for a 30 minutes ride. Be sure to check the black and yellow price sticker on the rear window, as some operators may try to rip you off.

Gamla Stan - The area is also known as "Old Town" and is one of the best preserved medieval city centers in Europe. You’ll find plenty of attractions, restaurants and bars in the area as well.

Kungsträdgården - Kungsträdgården is a park in central Stockholm, Sweden

 Stockholm Archipelago - The Stockholm archipelago is a cluster of some 30000 islands, and the second-largest archipelago in the Baltic Sea.

Swedish Museum of Natural History - The Swedish Royal Museum of Natural History is one of two major museums of natural history in Sweden. Admission to the museum is completely free, but if you want to view the special exhibit Cosmonova, it's 120 kr per adult.

Cafés - Taking a break for coffee is a Swedish tradition, commonly called fika in Swedish. There are plenty of coffee shops around the city.

 Subway Exhibits

 Stockholm City Hall - The Stockholm City Hall is the building of the Municipal Council for the City of Stockholm in Sweden.

Popular Food To Try in Stockholm


Swedish Hot Dog - Korv (Swedish name for a hot dog) is an important staple of the Swedish diet. You can find plenty of food carts on the street selling a large variety of these long hot dog. 

Max Burger 

Alpine Char (Swedish Fish)

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