Plaza Premium Lounge @ Hong Kong International Airport

Prior to booking, I knew that the flight from YYZ to HKD was going to be a brutal one. Even though, it was a non-stop flight with Air Canada, it was still going to take 15 hours. So we opted to upgrade our seats to Preferred Seating. It was probably one of the best $270 we have ever spent on a flight, and totally worth the money! We arrived in Hong Kong well-rested, and our legs weren't cramped unlike the last time we went to Japan.

[HKG] We had a 5 hour or so layover in HK. Prior to my trip in April 2018, a few people on IG recommended that I don't leave the airport as there wasn't enough time to go downtown and back. I took their advice and J and I decided to stay in the Plaza Premium Lounge to kill time.

We both have the BMO Mastercard World Elite credit cards, which provide us with lounge access. The credit card does have a hefty yearly fee, but it's pretty good to use for business and travel expenses (#notsponsored). 

HKD is a very busy airport and the lounge was pretty much bustling with lounge-goers. However, the space was nice and spacious with private showers. Given the humidity in HK, the showers station was great and came with full amenities (comb, towel, shampoo, body wash, hair dryer, and beauty kit). If you're not a member or don't want to pay for the lounge, you can just pay for shower usage (I think it's $20 per person).

 Food was pretty decent with different options and drinks (pop and beer) were self-served. We weren't planning on staying too long, but our flight to Kaohsiung was delayed from its initial 4:15 pm flight time to 8:05 pm. Good thing - the staff didn't kick us out despite us staying longer than 4 hrs, which was nice cause the waiting gate areas were super overcrowded.

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