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[Hotel] InterContinental Lisbon

by - November 16, 2020

The InterContinental Lisbon was our home away from home for the week in Lisbon. The luxury property is located in one of the best locations in the city, as it's centrally in the city center. The hotel itself faces Edward VII Park, and close by to the metro. However, I do not recommend walking to the hotel from the train or metro station if you have luggage. There was a very steep walk-way up to the hotel, so taking an Uber or taxi may be best. 

We booked the One Bed Premium room with the member rate, which was 255.60 euros per night ($392.55 CAD/night). You can sign up for the IHG Rewards to collect status, and get those rates when booked directly on their website.

Locals in Lisbon were incredibly nice and friendly. Unfortunately, that can't be said the same with this particular group of Caucasian boomers that we had the misfortune of sitting next to in the bar/lounge area. They kept on staring and acted like we walked right into the bar to sit. One of them whispered something about how can the staff just let random people walk in without paying. The group of old women stopped whispering once I went upstairs to our room, and came back down with my purse. Initially, I thought it was an act of racism but soon realized that we were victims of ageism instead. As they minded their own business after they realized we were guests also. Not as bad as racism, but still not an ideal situation to be in on a vacation. I am sorry, but I wish that baby boomers would stop thinking that all millennials are lazy and broke. It's a horrible stereotype that the older generation has bestowed on (basically) all millennials. 

Anyway, our stay at the hotel was a little marred by that personal experience, but the overall stay itself was good. The hotel was clean, the amenities were replenished daily, and the room was spacious. J and I loved exploring Lisbon (we were out a lot), so we barely used any of the services in the hotel to be able to provide a more comprehensive review. However, if you're looking for a quiet stay then the InterContinental Lisbon was good for that. It is housed on one of the seven hills in Lisbon, so the noise level was relatively quiet at night. 

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