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My review on Iron Chef will be based on two visits; the first visit was in the regular dining area and the second visit was for the teppanyaki dinner. 

First off, Iron Chef is a traditional sushi restaurant that also offers teppanyaki, in addition to their regular menu. Overall, I thought that the food was really good, and the price was moderately affordable. 

Iron Chef presents a nice atmosphere for dining as there were several private booths to both sides of the restaurant.

On my first visit to Iron Chef; I ordered the beef teriyaki dinner ($14.95) as my entrée. The dinner is served with steamed rice, miso soup, salad, and ice cream for dessert. The presentation of the dinner was done really nicely and there was an ample amounts of beef on my plate. The beef was well marinated with sweet teriyaki sauce which adds to its flavor. I especially liked the butterfly design of the tomatoes.

I was pretty full from my teriyaki beef dinner. However, I was unable to resist the urges of ordering their sushi pizza. I really like sushi pizza; it is pretty much a fried rice patty, topped with sliced salmon and a little drizzle of mayonnaise and wasabi powder. I ordered the sushi pizza ($7.95) and chose spicy salmon. The sushi pizza was cut fairly thin; thinner than what I was used to eating. However, the toppings and salmon were pretty tasty and fresh; a very imperative factor. I also thought that the patty’s texture was nice and crispy.

Iron Chef offers a wide selection of different kinds of sushi and sashimi on the menu. Additionally, the quality of the fish is consistently fresh. The smooth cuts of both the sushi and sashimi showcase the chefs' skills in presenting aesthetically pleasing platters.

Below is a picture of the sushi & sashimi lunch ($16.00).

How about the service? I thought that the service was prompt as the waitress was attentive.  She often came by to the table to refill my green tea (without the need for me to flagged her down) and cleared the empty plates.

Iron Chef does not offer an all-you-can-eat-menu; rather their specialty is teppanyaki. They have a separate dining area in the back for guests who would rather have the teppanyaki experience. 

Teppanyaki is a popular style of cooking in Japanese cuisine. This is where an actual chef cooks the food right in front of you, and you are given a variety of choices of meats and veggies.

The following photos are courtesy of my friend, Will Ng (Wicax Photography), which were taken at my birthday dinner in late April 2012. So thanks, Will =).

Above is a picture of the sirloin being cooked, and that is part of the teppanyaki special sirloin & chicken ($19.95) deluxe combo.

I ordered the seafood platter ($32.95), which included shrimp, scallop, salmon and calamari. My plate is pictured to the right (the salmon was not cooked yet at the time of the picture being taken).

The concept of Teppanyaki is an interesting one. However, I thought that the costs of the seafood platter were astronomically high compared to the amounts of foods that I actually got cooked on my plate. I got a piece of salmon, 6 pieces of shrimps, 5 pieces of scallops, and a few pieces of calamari. I didn't think it was worth it at all.

A few of my friends ordered fried rice; which was made right in front of the entire table. 

I had a party of 26 people who came out that night, and the staff was very accommodating. Overall, I had a wonderful night, as I had great company. Thanks to those who came out =)

I would definitely return to Iron Chef for their a-la-carte menu, but I am going to skip out on the teppanyaki.


Quality of Food: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Dining Experience: 3.8/5
Price: $$$ || Online Menu and Teppanyaki

Address: 4920 Tomken Road Mississauga, ON

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