[Random Musing] Rhonna Designs/Starbucks/iPhone5S

I love photo apps, and have quite a few on my cell phone. So earlier this week, I saw that Rhonna Designs was free (normally $1.99) in the iTunes store, so I couldn't help but download it.


This photo editor is pretty nifty if you want to spruce up your Instagram photos. There are not many filters to choose from (8 in total) but it does come with a variety of picture and text overlays.

I was waiting for someone at Starbucks and decided to play around with one of the apps!

Starbucks' seasonal drink, Pumpkin Spice Latte, is back and celebrating its 10th year on the menu. Starbucks and McDonald's are two of my go-to places for caffeine during my work week as I really need it to stay awake. However, I have never tried the Pumpkin Spice Latte until its return on the menu earlier last week. The reason being is that I don't like the flavor of pumpkin so I always thought that the latte would have a strong pumpkin flavor to it. Anyways, I decided to order one  this week as I kept seeing pictures of people's PSL drinks on my Instagram feed so I was curious to its taste. I have to say that the pumpkin-flavored syrup wasn't too strong. Additionally the whipped cream went well with the pumpkin pie spices. Overall, I actually really liked it and have been drinking it since then (ordered 4 grande this past week).

In other Starbucks news, I finally obtained gold membership about 2 months, and have not received my card yet. I wonder what is taking them so long?

I have been waiting for the release of the Iphone5S since my contract ended nearly 2 months ago. I am currently on a monthly paid plan. So I was very pleased when Apple had their press conference on Tuesday in regards their new phones. I know that this is basically just an upgrade from their previous model but ... I am still excited about it. I was debating between getting the Sony Xperia Z and Iphone5S (mainly for their camera quality as I use it a lot). In the end, I decided to upgrade to an Iphone5S as I have all of my files backed up on my computer so it'll be a breeze to transfer everything over.

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