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Amsterdam BrewHouse relocated and moved into its new location that overlooks the Harbourfront earlier this July. The new location is spacious as it can seat about 800 people inside, and the patio is also really nice with additional seating. Besides being a restaurant, Amsterdam BrewHouse also has their own indoor craft brewery so they craft their own selection of beer.

I really liked their concept and interior. The service on the other hand was pretty much abysmal. I arrived with three others around 7:30 pm for our party of 12 people. We approached the front desk and waited in line. There were three hostesses or servers at the front desk talking amongst themselves while not seating anyone (despite plenty of open tables). A fourth waitress finally arrived and seated us, which I thought was kind of odd. A couple of people from our table were already there an hour earlier so we sat down. We waited another 20 minutes for someone to take down our drink and food orders. Despite the abundance of employees walking around; flagging one down is really hard.

As for food, Amsterdam BrewHouse offers the typical pub fare with various beer/food pairing choices. I liked that they have a variety of different choices from burgers, fries, lobster roll, ribs, salmon, pizza, salad, etc ... Since the location is a tourist area, the prices are a little higher but it has a great view (if you sit out on the patio).

I opted for the 1 lbs of Thai sweet chili sauce chicken wings ($12.00) and a side order of french fries ($4.70). The wings weren't really warm but I did like the sweet flavor. I did like the fries though as it was pretty crunchy and salty. Anyways, my total cost for the night came out to be $22.27 (including tax/tip). Some people might think that the price is steep for just 8-10 wings and fries but you have to take into account the prime location of Amsterdam BrewHouse.

Also just a quick tip to those who are planning on going to Amsterdam BrewHouse as a group; they don't do separate bills and there is an automatic gratuity of 18% (I think 6+ people).

Disclaimer: This review is solely based on my experience back in late August 2013. One of my friends who just went last week told me that much has changed since then, and that service has improved. I will most likely return to check it out again as I really enjoyed the atmosphere here.


Quality of Food: 3.4/5
Service: 2/5
Overall Dining Experience: 3.5/5
Price: $$ || Online Menu

Address: 720 Queen St W, Toronto, ON, M6J1E8

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