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[Japan] Afternoon Tea @ Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

by - August 13, 2014

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo is one of the premier luxury hotels located in the heart of Roppongi. One of the things on my itinerary was to experience afternoon tea in Tokyo, and the menu from the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo caught my eyes. The reservation was made a month in advanced, and the hotel clerk took her time with me (language barriers) so that was appreciated. We had an extremely day ahead of us, and booked the afternoon tea for the 2 pm time slot. The rest of the time included exploring Harajuku, Sumida Aquarium, and shopping at the Tokyo Skytree Solamachi (popular shopping mall in Tokyo).

It's located in a rather affluent area of Roppongi (Tokyo Midtown), but away from the bustling area of tourists. The street leading up to the hotel was relatively quiet with a few more hotels within the vicinity. Afternoon tea takes place at the Lobby Lounge & Bar located on the 45th floor of the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo. We were seated in the middle of the establishment looking outwards to the large windows filled with natural light. There was a spectacular view of Tokyo.

The wait staffs were all refined, polite and extremely helpful. My cup of tea was never empty, and they often came by to check up on us. Japan doesn't have a strong tipping culture, so they refused to accept additional tips. Ritz-Carlton Tokyo does have a mandatory 13% service charge but that's clearly stated on the bill and menu. 

Sign that points to the steps of the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo.
The lobby with the elevator to the 45th floor.
Lobby Lounge & Bar.

In terms of prices; afternoon tea in Tokyo seems so much more expensive compared to the places in Toronto. The afternoon teas available in Toronto are no more than $50 per person. However, this was our first time in Japan, so we wanted to make the best of it. I opted for the Afternoon Holiday Tea (¥5,000) and he got the more expensive option; Ritz-Carlton Afternoon Tea (¥7,500). The second one had more delicacies such as foie grias terrine and caviar which I got to try as well.

There was a bit of a wait but our 2 three-tiered metal stands finally arrived with its elegantly presented items.

Afternoon Holiday Tea (¥5,000) --- $54 CAD

Pate de Champagne, champagne jelly
Crab Charlotte
Turkey sandwich, cinnamon honey flavor
Jambon, cream cheese in crepe
Goat cheese, chestnut crostini

Strawberry yoghurt verrine
Caramel orange chocolate
X-mas cookie

Lemon & raisin scone with clotted cream

Close ups of some of the items from the Afternoon Holiday Tea.

The Ritz-Carlton Afternoon Tea (¥7,500) --- $82 CAD

Foie gras terrine, truffle coulis
Salmon mousse, smoked salmon
Smoked scallop and tuna tartar, sour cream
Chicken terrine, mushroom, dried tomato
Crab, avocado, caviar
Prosciutto ham, prosciutto mousse

Strawberry yoghurt verrine
Caramel orange chocolate
Christmas cookie
Lemon & raisin scone with clotted cream

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