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I met up with a friend for dinner at Korean Grill House up in Richmond Hill for dinner. Along the way, I was telling him about a dessert place called Sweet Note Dessert that I wanted to check out. We were surprised to see that Sweet Note Desserts was in the same Commerce Gate plaza as KBBQ. So we decided to head there after dinner at Korean Grill House for some desserts.

Sweet Note Desserts is a small dessert establishment offering milk bottle desserts, meringue melty, cupcakes, fresh butter cookies, and more. It's located in a rather busy plaza with a ton of restaurants and tea shops, so parking on the weekend might be a little difficult. A little after 8:30 pm, we entered the bright and cute establishment, and were greeted by the server. She was friendly, and told her that the soufflés take about 30 minutes to prepare. We per-ordered two and paid, and left our cellphone so she could call one of us when it was finished.

A majority of customers that Friday afternoon got their packaged desserts to go. However, there is a small sit-down dessert area where customers can enjoy their desserts and chat. Their sit-in dessert menu is rather limited but these desserts are freshly made upon order (soufflés and crème brûlée). I have a major sweet tooth so even on a full stomach of KBBQ meats; I still wanted to try out the soufflé.

Sweet Note Desserts offers two kinds of fresh soufflé; vanilla or chocolate. Additionally, you have a choice of one sauce from the following list: chocolate, raspberry, mango, strawberry, or guava sauces. Each order of soufflé is $8.75, which to me is a complete steal.

My friend got the vanilla soufflé + sauce ($8.75) - mango sauce. 

I opted for the chocolate soufflé + sauce ($8.75) - strawberry sauce. DISCLAIMER: mine got deflated because I was too busy trying to take a decent picture of my friend's item -___-" So it wasn't because the dessert was poorly made; I just took a little bit longer than I expected. I enjoyed the soufflé as it was airy, and fluffy. Before mine was deflated; it looked visually appealing and it was quite large. I didn't think it was overly sweet, but I liked the balance of sweet and sour that the sauce itself added to the flavor.

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Address: Unit 61-63 505 Hwy 7 East Markham, ON L3T7V6

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