[Amsterdam] The Pancake Bakery

The Pancake Bakery is a popular pancake house in Amsterdam. It's located in the historic Jordaan District, just a few doors back down from the Anne Frank House. While reading the online reviews, and glancing over the menu prices; I realized that it was definitely a tourist trap. However, it started raining extremely hard and we wanted a quick bite before our Hop On - Hop Off Boat Tour so we decided to try it anyway. 

Looking through the menu, they offer a good selection of both sweet and savory pancakes. J got the pancake with peaces, cherry liquour, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream (€12.95 / $18.03)

I wasn't too hungry, so I opted for a plate of poffertjes with butter and sugar (€5.25 / $7.31). It was really good that I ended up getting a second plate of it. These Dutch mini pancakes were so fluffy and buttery. 

The service wasn't abysmal like some other restaurants in Europe, but it wasn't that good either. Just a note that they will not give you tap water - bottled water only!

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