Neal Brothers Foods Kettle Chips

Since 1988, Neal Brothers Foods has provided families all over Canada with a variety of snacks and sauces. Who are the Neal Brothers? They are two brothers who started making croutons out of their mother’s home in Aurora, ON, in the 1980's. The product proved to be quite popular with the locals in the area, and the brothers quickly expanded their company once they moved to Toronto. From their humble beginnings, Neal Brothers Foods now offer a wide range of healthy snack options made from organic ingredients.

 "Food is family and we truly believe it has the power to bring people together," said Peter Neal, co-owner, Neal Brothers. "Our range of products has natural and organic ingredients you can feel good about enjoying with your loved ones. So let's eat!" 

A couple of weeks ago, I received a care package from Neal Brothers Foods containing four different kettle chips to try. The savory kettle chips are made with all natural and quality ingredients, which are a great alternative to potato chips. It's something that you can munch on while watching a movie, studying, or just when you're craving for some chips.


 Spicy Srirachup - Out of the four options, the spicy srirachup chips was my favorite. You can definitely taste the heat of the sriracha along with the sweetness of the ketchup. It was a nice contrast of flavors and well-balanced as well.

Montreal Steak Spice - Montreal steak spice is a spice mix used to flavor steak that was based on the pickling dry-rub mix used in preparing Montreal smoked meat. So, it was really interesting that the Neal Brothers were able to create a kettle chips flavor using the mix. The chips had a nice meat flavor, and you can taste the garlic, dill and chili flake with every crunch.

Maple Bacon - The Maple Bacon was a very clear representation of Canadian flavors - maple syrup with bacon. The chips are seasoned with maple and brown sugar to create a sweet flavor with smoked notes of bacon. I really enjoyed this flavor as well, as it's such a unique chip flavor. 

Pink Himalayan Salt - Personally, I have never tried Pink Himalayan salt before, but I have read that it was one of the cleanest salts available. The Neal Brothers Foods' kettle chips was lightly salted with the mineral dense sea salt. It gave it a nice salty flavor without being overly loaded with sodium, which can cause water retention.

I also want to note that I love the packaging with all of the bright colors. It's very eye catching, especially when you walk by the products in the grocery stores. Neal Brothers Foods Kettle Chips can be found in the snack aisles at Loblaws, Longos, Sobeys, and Metro. Happy snacking!!

About Neal Brothers Foods:

Started by brothers Peter and Chris Neal in their family kitchen in 1988, Neal Brothers Foods was founded out of a passion for great tasting, “better for you” snacks. Their commitment has always been, and remains steadily, to offer food products that are healthier than the norm, using the best ingredients to achieve that, no matter the cost. One of the most popular items in the Neal Brothers lineup, all natural, non-GMO, kettle-cooked chips are now available in the U.S.

Disclaimer: Neal Brothers Foods Kettle Chips were provided for review. However, all of the opinions expressed in this review are of my own.

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