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Earlier in the week, I posted up my review of Dragon Legend. After doing so, I realized that I have quite a few more AYCE and buffet restaurant reviews in the queue so they'll be up in the next few weeks. This review will be based on the location in Scarborough, as I avoid the poorly managed Imperial Buffet in Mississauga (I got violently sick the next day after eating there).

Imperial Buffet is a buffet located in Scarborough, ON. The price for dinner is M-Thu ($21.99) and Fri-Sun ($25.99). I'd say that the weekday prices are slightly cheaper than other buffets, but the weekend price is pretty on par. On the occasions that I have eaten here; it was pretty busy most of the time so the buffet trays do get refilled often.

A majority of the items available is pretty much traditional Chinese dishes with a small selection of Western fried food. What they do offer is an array selection of hot dishes, cold dishes, salad bar, sushi, fruits, and dessert station. I find that there's nothing stand-out about Imperial Buffet, as they offer the standard and generic Chinese dishes, but it's plentiful.

Pictured: pop-corn chicken, Chinese fried rice, sweet and sour pork, and mussels.
 I'd say that out of this particular batch; my favorite would have to be the mussels. They were juicy and warm. Unfortunately, the popcorn chicken was slightly too dry and salty for my taste.

Pictured: chicken balls, onion rings, Chinese fried rice, beef, and stir-fry green beans.

The chicken balls were decent and I liked its crispy texture. However, I did not like the fried calamari at all as it was too chewy, and tasteless. I'd highly discourage against consuming the calamari.

The Chinese fried rice was good, as it was flavorful, and had a decent amount of veggies. 

There was a small section set on the side where there were some fruits; mango, melon, and pineapple slices. Additionally, there was a decent selection of jello as well.

 The sushi selection at Imperial Buffet was pretty decent with a good number of different rolls. However, I noticed that the sushi were barely touched by the patrons.

This was my first dish where I grabbed items that appealed to me as I walked through the buffet area. The chicken wings were freshly fried and juicy on the inside; I liked it. The BBQ glazed used for the ribs was really sweet, but it was meaty enough. Lastly, the fried shrimp was nicely seasoned with a hint of spiciness.

The dessert station had a wide selection of cakes, cookies, cupcakes, tarts, ice-cream, and etc. ... Most were store bought but they still tasted pretty good.

My overall impression of Imperial Buffet is that they offer nothing unique, and is quite similar to their competitors. However, they do offer a variety of food items if you are interested in Chinese-Western cuisine. Their food can be a hit or miss (as some items are bland), but the quality is what you'd expect for a buffet. Additionally, I have found that their service is rather decent as personally I haven't had any bad experience here. Usually the servers attending to our side are quick to clear the empty dishes, and refill empty water glasses consistently throughout the meals.

Quality of Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Dining Experience: 3/5
Price: $$

Address: 24 Lebovic Avenue, Scarborough, ON, M1L 4V9

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