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About: Meeting up with friends in the area over lunch on the weekday means limited time. Normally, we only have about an hour or so to eat. In these cases, I prefer meeting over lunch at an AYCE. There are many reasons such as more variety of food, good price, and most of the time the service is quick. This time, it was at a small AYCE joint located on Yonge/Lawrence called Yonge Sushi. The restaurant was much smaller in size when compared to other establishments in the area. The overall atmosphere of Yonge Sushi was pretty casual, and a good place for a quick and casual lunch.

Price: The price was very appealing as their lunch menu was a mere $11.99 per person.

Food: Yonge Sushi offers the standard sushi fare as most places. Now, they don't offer anything out of the ordinary but the overall standard of the food items was solid. We started off with the usual starters; green salad, miso soup and edamame. My favorite cooked dishes were the scallops, beef ribs and chicken teriyaki. I was moreso pleasantly surprised that they served beef ribs on the lunch menu as it's usually a dinner item. I definitely racked up on order of ribs. The sushi were decently made, and did not fall apart at all. Also, they didn't overkill on the amount of rice used in their sushi; the fish to rice ratio was good. However, one thing that I did noticed about their nigri was that the fish was extremely thinly sliced. That they offered for lunch is value for money, and I'd definitely come back if I am ever in the area.

Address: 3421 Yonge, North York, ON, M4N 2N1

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