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Burrito Boyz

by - June 15, 2014

Burrito Boyz is an establishment offering burritos and quesadillas at very reasonable prices. As of 2014, Burrito Boyz has 17 locations all throughout Southern Ontario. I often frequent the location on College Street, and this location has been consistent for the past 2 years since I have been eating there - both the food and service. 

Burrito Boyz offers no frills, as their decor is minimal, and there are only a handful of seats. However, a majority of their customers usually come in for a quick bite or simply take-out. If you don't like waiting; they do take phone orders so you can call in your order(s) in advanced for pick-up.

 Like I mentioned earlier, the burritos here are consistent. My favorite item is their steak burrito which comes in two sizes; small ($5.97) and large ($7.08). Customers can customize their burrito to your liking from choosing the type of tortilla to the amount of fresh toppings that they want. Some of the toppings that they are offer are refined pinto beans, Tex Mex cheese (triple blended), lettuce, tomatoes, green onions, black beans, jalapenos, corn, guacamole, sour screma, hot sauce, and a few more.The toppings listed above comes at no additional cost, except if you want more cheese.

I ordered their large steak burrito and it came with a generous helping of steak, and toppings (that I selected). The steak was delicious and I liked the seasoning that was used. All of the burritos are grilled to order so it comes out hot, and fresh.

Address: 575 College Street Toronto, ON M6G1A9

Burrito Boyz on Urbanspoon

Burrito Boyz on Urbanspoon

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