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St.Louis Wings and Ribs

by - June 11, 2014

St.Louis Wings and Ribs is a popular chain with multiple locations all over Ontario. I have been to a couple of different locations, but the location that I frequent the most is probably the one on King St E. The restaurants are relatively large, and the tables are spaced out enough to give you privacy. St.Louis Wings and Ribs' menu offer the usual bar food such as flatbread, starters, burgers, sandwiches, chicken wings, and etc... at reasonable prices.  I love wings, and this place is one of my favorite places in Toronto for wings. Every order of wings come with a side order of golden fries, and they are delicious. The fries are large and crispy.

Original wings (1 lb) ($12.99) - honey garlic.
Crispy fish tacos ($10.79) - two soft tortillas filled with battered fish, guacamole and shredded lettuce. Drizzled with Ancho mayo. 

Back in early April; I went to their Wingsanity event. A majority of St.Louis Wings and Ribs locations was celebrating their 50th anniversary and offered an AYCE wings deal for $19.99 (per person). I grabbed a couple friends of mine and we went down to the location on King St E for some AYCE wings. The first order came with 1 1/2 pounds of wings (one flavor) and an order of fries. After finishing the first order, you can order any other flavors from their list. Each additional order arrived with 5 wings (and fries are optional).

I really enjoy their fries, so this deal sounded rather awesome to me. The wings were crispy and full of flavor on the outside, and the meat was juicy. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal that night. For those who missed out on this deal; fear not! St.Louis Wings and Ribs do offer half price wing night every Tuesday from 4 pm to close. It's not exactly AYCE but it's still cheap regardless.

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