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Road Trip Essentials with Turo (Formerly RelayRides)

by - June 04, 2014

I was recently contacted by Turo (Formerly RelayRides), a peer-to-peer car rentals service based in the USA where owners can rent out their vehicles to other people. It's a good service if you want to rent out your car (to make some extra money), or need a car rental to get to places. The company even provide rentals from the airport. They asked if I was interested in participating in their "Road Trip Essentials" campaign; which was to create a post about my must-haves for road trips. I thought that it would be fun to create a list since I love going traveling when it's nice out. The following is a list of items that I must always bring on any trips.

Iphone5S: I cannot leave on any road trips or long trips without my iPhone 5S. My phone has everything that I need – at least technologically-wise. I use my iPhone 5S as a phone, video recorder, music player, camera, Google maps, and surf the internet. I always download maps onto my phone before I go on my trips, so that it doesn't require internet access to load them.

Crossbody bag: For short-term road trips; I like to use my crossbody bag. It’s small enough to bring everywhere, yet large enough to fit my essentials (wallet, keys, pen, hand sanitizer, etc ...)

Snacks: Before any road trips; I usually head out to the nearest grocery store to grab some snacks. Snacks that I'd bring along for my road trips include chips, cookies, and candies. I prefer to bring the smaller snack-sized rather than the larger ones to save space in the car or luggage.

Coffee: I usually don't need any caffeine unless I am functioning on less than 8 hours of sleep. However, when I do want a cup ... I have the Starbucks app on my phone, and I can

conveniently pay with my gold card on my app. However, if it's a hot day then a cool frappuccino is always nice. The app also allows me to make purchases even without wifi; as I don’t always have data everywhere.

Travel-size toiletries kit: This kit carries my beauty essentials (all travel-sized) BB cream, chap stick, sunscreen, deodorant, antibacterial wipes, oil sheets, and concealer. I just need to bring my essentials to stay fresh, and not my entire make-up collection cause I don’t think it’s necessary.

Flip flops: I love heels, but they really don’t cut it when you’re walking a lot. I usually wear flip flops on trips where it requires a long period of walking or hiking. I recently got a pair from Tommy Hilfiger, and I love them. I was able to walk 10 hours each day (for 3 days straight) around Disneyworld and downtown Orlando without my feet hurting. A pair of comfortable shoes is a must for any road trips!

Sunscreen: This is a must for me, as I burn easily in the hot sun.

Hand sanitizer: If it's a long trip then I'd bring along a full-sized one. However, on short trips or camping; I like to bring the travel sized one as that would last me about a week. Hand sanitizer is useful when  I do not have access to a washroom or soap/water. The brand that I use often would be Purell as I find them to be quite effective, and the scents are not bad. 

Zip-loc bags: I like bringing along a few zip loc bags on my road trips. They are very useful for storing things, and pretty versatile. I can fill the bags with snacks, supplies, garbage like wrappers and gum. Additionally, the zipper seals it up easily, so nothing drops out.

Bon Voyage :)

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