DT Bistro Patisserie

Since my last visit, they have changed their restaurant name to DT Bistro Patisserie, and not just simply known as Dessert Trends. The restaurant itself is a white house, and the closest intersection is probably Spadina Ave and Bathurst Street. This review is not from a recent dinner, so some of the items that I ordered may no longer be on their current menu.

My first visit to the restaurant was back in early 2012, but it was solely for their desserts. Those delicious looking desserts are brightly showcased in a display case at the front. I didn't know that they served food for both lunch and dinner until much later. The small restaurant is a low lit which provided a very quiet and romantic ambiance. A majority of the tables were filled that Saturday night, but people weren't talking very loudly. 

 To start, one lbs of mussels ($13) were ordered. I thought that the mussels were cooked perfectly, and I liked that it wasn't drenched in white wine sauce. The light taste and smell of the white wine was delectable. 

The portion for the sticky chicken wings ($8) was rather small, and the wings itself didn't contain a lot of meat. I thought that the glaze was overly too sweet, but the accompanied slices of pickles did help to counter the sweetness.

The price of the sirloin steak ($25.00) wasn't bad, and I thought that the portion was decent. The steak was topped off with onions and mushrooms which added more aroma to the dish. I did enjoy the steak that I got, but I wish that I could say the same about the fries. The fries were extremely soft, and wasn't to my liking.

 One of my favorite desserts in the world is crème brûlée. So it was only natural that I got the crème brûlée ($8.50) from DT Bistro Patisserie after my meal. They are known more for their desserts, and it did not disappoint.

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